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This is a Windows-generated error, indicating that no printer has been installed or that Windows has not been informed of a default printer to use. As well as running the
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Figure 36-1. Multiple sclerosis. T2-weighted MRIs demonstrating multiple plaques in the periventricular white matter (left), emanating radially from the corpus callosum ( Dawson ngers ) (middle), and cervical spinal cord (right). The radial orientation and periventricular location of cerebral lesions is typical of the disease.
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The second kind of validation available is the RangeValidator control. This validator evaluates data entry where a value range is expected. The two key properties of this validator are MaximumValue and MinimumValue. In the code, you will see the following elements required to connect and set these values to a form:
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New Active State (NEW_ACTIVE_STATE)
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Dim a As Integer = 2 Dim b As Integer = 3 a = a - b
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Before we leave option pricing, there is a wonderfully simple option calculator available to every trader. This option calculator is capable of telling you what your option will be worth at various times, at different strike prices and values. All you need for this simple little calculator is your eyeballs. If we put up any option quote page, we have our calculator. Let s look at the example in Figure 11.3. In this option chain, we have two months represented in options. The June NYMEX crude contract and the July NYMEX crude contract. Let s look at this vertically for a moment, sticking strictly with the June contract. The market is at 54.57 and the 55 call option is trading at 4.50. If the
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