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Figure 8.3 Configuring synchronization settings for offline folders.
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Exchange System Manager MAPI clients such as Microsoft Outlook IMAP4 clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express Web browsers such as Internet Explorer that support WebDAV
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button to generate an event handler for the OnClick property. Change the OnClick value to DoValidation .
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In looking at Figure 4-8, you can see the contributions of each of three main elements:
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string makeTable; makeTable = "CREATE TABLE VoteWork (LastName nvarchar(20), FirstName nvarchar(20), Email nvarchar(50), Donation decimal(6,2), LastContact datetime)";
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6.1. A contiguous subsequence of a list S is a subsequence made up of consecutive elements of S. For instance, if S is 5, 15, 30, 10, 5, 40, 10,
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spared, the patient fails as miserably in writing to request and replying to questions in written form. Letters are malformed and words misspelled. While writing to dictation is impossible, letters and words can still be copied. The dysgraphia usually corresponds in degree to the severity of the spoken disturbance, but there are exceptions in which one is far more affected. The comprehension of spoken and written language, though seemingly normal under casual conditions, is usually defective in Broca s aphasia and will break down under stringent testing, especially when novel or complicated material is introduced. The naming of objects and particularly parts of objects is particularly faulty. These are the most variable and controversial aspects of Broca s aphasia, since in some patients with a loss of motor speech and agraphia as a result of cerebral infarction, the understanding of spoken and written language may be virtually normal. Mohr has pointed out that in such patients an initial mutism is usually replaced by a rapidly improving dyspraxic and effortful articulation, leading to complete recovery (a mini-Broca s aphasia, in his terms). The lesion in such cases is restricted to a zone in and immediately around the posterior part of the inferior frontal convolution (Broca s area per se). Mohr has stressed the distinction between this relatively mild and restricted type of motor speech disorder and the more complex syndrome that is traditionally referred to as Broca s aphasia. The lesion in the major form of Broca s aphasia is much larger than originally described, involving not only the inferior frontal gyrus but also the subjacent white matter and even the head of the caudate nucleus and putamen (Fig. 23-2), the anterior insula, frontoparietal operculum, and adjacent
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The + and += operators concatenate the strings. Other string operations are supported by the standard String library (see the String Library section later in this chapter).
(20.44c) (20.44d)
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