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Get the Number of Children of the Document Element
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Partners for Livable Communities 1429 Twenty- rst St. NW Washington, DC 20036 Partners for Sacred Places 1700 Sansom St., Tenth Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103 Planners Network c/o Pratt GCPE 379 DeKalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205 Planning Advisory Service 122 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 1600 Chicago, IL 60603 Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association 180 S. Washington St. P.O. Box 6808 Falls Church, VA 22040 Rails to Trails Conservancy 1100 Seventeenth St. NW, Tenth Floor Washington, DC 20036 Regional Plan Association (NY, NJ, CT) 4 Irving Place, Seventh Floor New York, NY 10003
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tell the application id "" set NewCount to the unread count of mailbox "INBOX" of account "Main" if NewCount is 0 then set myMess to "Your Inbox contains no new messages." else if NewCount is 1 then set myMess to "Your Inbox contains 1 new message." else set myMess to "Your Inbox contains " & NewCount & " new messages." end if display dialog myMess with title "New Messages" buttons {"OK"} end tell
Oracle first introduced the concept of database services in Oracle Database 10g. This facility creates a virtual target to which database applications can connect. You can target a single application to a single service, multiple applications, or a functional subset of an application. A service can be to an instance so that it resides on a single database server, or it can run simultaneously across multiple database servers or even multiple Database Machines. The service provides a high-availability target and simplified construct that hides cluster complexities from the connecting database application. The application connects to a service that runs on the database servers and is automatically directed to a suitable database server to handle the transaction. When SQL executes in parallel, services limit which database servers can be involved in the parallel execution. For instance, any session connection to a service can only start parallel server processes on database servers that are associated with that service. Once you define a service, a resource profile is automatically created that describes how Oracle s Clusterware will manage that service, which instance the service will use as a failover target, and service dependencies between the instance and the database so that instances and services are started and stopped in the correct order. The Oracle Database Resource Manager allows you to restrict resources that are used by the users who connect with that service to an instance. This is done by mapping a consumer group to a service so that the service users are members of the consumer group. From a consolidation perspective, similar application transaction signatures can be mapped to the same service. For instance, you could create an order-taking service that could be used to receive orders from the database application. At the simplest level, you could create batch and data warehousing services and run these services on different database servers from the order-taking OLTP service.
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