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Before you can understand the true power of the star transformation, you will have to understand a type of index called a bitmap index. This index differs from a normal B*-tree index in that the bitmap index includes a string of bits that represent individual rows in the underlying table for each value in the index. If the index column in the row has a particular value, that bit is set to 1 (turned on) for that row in the string of bits for that index value. Bitmap indexes are particularly suited to data warehouse scenarios, where the cardinality of the index is very low. The beauty of the bitmap is when the index is used for selection or joins. Because the values are indicated by individual bits, the server can use a bitwise operation to compare two bitmap indexes, and bitwise operations are extremely fast. So if you have a query that is looking to use multiple selection criteria and each of these criteria is represented in a bitmap index, the server simply does a few fast operations instead of multiple selection operations. When a star transformation is performed, the optimizer recognizes that the targets of the query are tables that exist in a star schema, with a bitmap index on each of the dimension values. The optimizer rewrites the query to include subselects that take advantage of these bitmap indexes, resulting in this query:
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If you ve ever registered for anything online, chances are that you ran into some kind of validator that checked to see if you had entered certain fields. The ASP.NET RequiredFieldValidator makes sure that the user fills in everything before the information is sent to a database table. For each field you want completed by a user, you can use a RequiredFieldValidator that includes the name of the control to validate and an error message using the following format:
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This code tries to assign a String value to an Integer variable. This appears to look like the data type equivalent of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Yet, it works. The reason is that Visual Basic is smart enough to understand what you are trying to do, and converts the string representation of an integer into an integer before assigning the value to an Integer variable.
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where w = 154 4.5 and w = 120 3.5; therefore, the standard devi 1 34 2 34 ation of the widelane noise (i.e., w 1 w 2 ) is approximately 5.7 times 1 2 the standard deviation of the L1 or L2 phase noise (i.e. 1 or 2 ). The
Create the oor plan for the rst story of a residence. Determine the drawing area according to space requirements. Estimate the dimensions that are not given.
If you have been working in the WAD and have the historical view option turned on, you see a list of recent Web templates, as in the preceding illustration (which reflects the Web templates created in the previous chapter).
This project can take on many forms, depending on where you plan to show off your telepathic abilities and what type of clothing you plan to wear at the time. For impromptu indoor use, a simple belt system worn by the hoaxster is easy to use and will allow the sender to covertly tap a hidden switch under a short. For outdoor use, a shoemounted tap switch might be better and would certainly be very difficult to detect, just like the would-be casino cheaters use, but don t get any bright ideas pal, the house always wins! I decided to use the guts from an inexpensive mini RC car to make this unit, owing to the fact that all the electronics are already made and the system is very small. I needed to reduce the transmitter to the smallest package possible and then modify the little car electronics to move some mechanical device that would allow the receiver to feel the taps against his or her body. Figure 9-10 shows the little RC car and transmitter before hacking surgery. Remove the car s cover to get access to the small receiver circuit board. Be careful not to rip any wires off the board when you remove the casing, since you will need to know where the battery, motor and antenna wires connect in order to connect them again. The two wires that lead to the main drive motor are the ones you will need.
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