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where in the network (usually by STPs) into a point code, subsystem number (SSN), or both. The SSN is an address of an SS7 application residing at a signaling point represented by a point code. This is known as global title translation (GTT). This addressing mechanism makes network routing of MSUs to and from end signaling points much simpler than point code routing. The end SPs do not need to maintain tables of each point code to route messages properly. They can supply a GT address, and the network will perform the GTT function to route the MSU to the correct SP. Routing from the MSC to the HLR The MSC/VLR currently serving the subscriber routes ANSI-41 signaling messages to the HLR based on the subscriber s MIN. The serving MSC/VLR must contain tables, which enable the routing of the messages to the proper STP mated pair that is serving the HLR. A group of related nodes, such as an STP pair, can be identified by a single point code called an alias. The alias point code address is used by network nodes that send MSUs to the related nodes via a combined link set (i.e., A links). The nodes are assigned the alias point code in addition to their individual point codes. If the serving MSC and HLR reside within an SS7 network that does not support the GTT function, the MSC must perform point code routing of ANSI-41 signaling messages destined to the HLR. The MTP routing tables within the MSC are required to maintain the point code address of the HLR. The serving MSC (which has a roaming agreement with the HLR service provider) maintains a table mapping ranges of MIN values to the point code of the HLR serving those subscribers. If the HLR is deployed as a mated-pair configuration for redundancy, the ranges of MIN values are mapped to an alias point code representing either of the HLRs. In this configuration, one HLR is considered active and the other is standby. The serving MSC is never aware of which one is active, and it has no need to know. Figures 18.4 and 18.5 show the point code routing of ANSI-41 messages (within MSUs) to the HLR. MINs are mapped to the alias SS7 point code and SSN of the serving HLR. The serving MSC enters the MIN into the called-party address field of the SCCP UDT message. The MSC also enters the alias point code of the HLR mated pair into the DPC of the message. When the MSU is delivered to either of the STPs of the mated pair, the STP maps the actual point code of the active HLR into the DPC field of the MSU and delivers the message across the appropriate link set. In the case of failure in one of the HLRs, all ANSI-41 messages are routed to the other HLR.
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4 In the right pane, you see an option to either scan your system or set scanning options. Select Scan Your System.
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A profile is an environment specifically customized for a user. The profile contains the desktop and program settings for the user. Every user has a profile, whether the administrator configures one or not, because a default profile is automatically created for each user who logs on to a computer. Profiles offer a number of advantages:
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Group Policy changes do not always take effect immediately. Use the Gpupdate (Gpupdate.exe) tool to refresh local Group Policy changes to computer and user policies. (Gpupdate replaces the secedit /refreshpolicy command used in Windows 2000 to refresh Group Policy settings.) After you refresh the policy, use the Group Policy Result (Gpresult.exe) tool to verify that the updated settings are in effect. For more information about using Gpupdate, see Windows XP Professional Help and Support Center.
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In this case, the Employee class inherits from the Person class and therefore gets all the data fields from that base class. The Employee class doesn t have to redefine any of the fields in its definition because it gets them automatically from Person. So, for the Employee class, you must specify only what is different from an instance of the Person class. For example, an instance of the Employee class would have Level and Salary, whereas none of the instances of the Person class would have these. Plus, the Display method for Employee could thus add Level and Salary information to the displayed message when it is called.
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The Internet and the World Wide Web offer astonishing benefits to jobhunters. Be certain to avail yourself of these new technologies. Whether you re new to the Web or a skilled user, take time to master the Internet as a job search tool. An important part of your search involves identifying organizations that might be hiring. The Internet makes this easier than it s ever been before. You ll find dozens of jobhunting sites on the Web. If you re not certain where to start, visit any search engine and enter the word jobs or career. You ll find links that will transport you to hundreds of valuable resources. Choose one jobhunting Web site and practice navigating through it. Do the same with the Web site of an organization for which you d like to work. Visit its home page and career center. Become familiar with the firm, the types of openings it is attempting to fill, and the qualifications it seeks in the ideal candidate for those positions. Also look for Web sites hosted by associations that exist within your industry or specialty, or your alma mater; frequently, such sites maintain a job bank and referral network or offer training. The Internet is an amazing source of information, career advice and assistance, company Web sites, job postings, and sometimes, total confusion. It s worth your time up-front to master this vital tool so that you can use it to your benefit.
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NumericUpDown This control is really useful when you want the user to select a numerical value in a defined set of numbers. It allows the user to select a single numerical value from the list using the up or down button to increment and decrement the number. It s a perfect way to force the user to pick a numerical value for the year component of a date.
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