Clients use NTLMv2 authentication only, and they use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers refuse LM and NTLM (and accept only NTLMv2) authentication. Caution
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Part 2 Wireless Technologies and Applications
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With all this background information at hand, let s see how Zend_Search_Lucene works in a practical context. This next section replaces the filter-based search engine, created for the SQUARE application earlier in this chapter, with a full-text search system based on Zend_ Search_Lucene.
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RIS server. A RIS server is a computer running Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003, containing a hard disk with at least two partitions, that has been configured with the Remote Installation Services Setup Wizard (Risetup.exe) to install and run the following services:
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Indexing, Searching, and Formatting Data
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public class winapp extends java.applet.Applet{
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At this point, I m sure some readers are saying, Hold on. I worked with an agent when I bought my last home. The agent did my negotiating. The agent saw that I got a good price. I doubt it. You may have gotten a good price, but if you did, it was largely because of your own efforts. The agent in many cases is the seller s agent, with a duciary responsibility to the seller to nd a buyer. In most states it is unethical if not outright illegal for the seller s agent to even suggest that you offer less than the seller is asking! This doesn t mean that agents don t, in fact, do so. In my experience many agents do. But they may couch their suggestions in language such as, The sellers have indicated that they are anxious to sell and that they d be agreeable to an offer of a little less than the asking price. Indeed. The sellers may be desperate and may be willing to take an offer of 25 percent less than the asking price. But the agent can t come right out and tell you that if he or she represents the seller, unless they have authorized her to say it. In addition, most agents don t really want you to make a lowball offer. The lower your offer, the harder it is for the agent to get the seller to accept, and the less chance there is of getting a commission. (The agent normally gets a commission only when there s a sale.) On the other hand, if you offer just a little bit less, sure the seller might be willing to accept that. A sale is quickly made and a commission obtained.
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One of the key trends I see emerging over the next few years with mobility system integrators will be the transition from box integrator to business practice partner. We re already seeing this trend in the largest of integrators such as HP and IBM. I believe this trend will cascade into the bulk of the integrator community with system integrators who generate $25 to $500 million in annual product sales. Integrators from boutiques, which typically employ one to five people, to those with up to $25 million in annual product sales will likely remain focused more on the design and installation of network elements including mobility. The larger integrators will almost certainly
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The 10th and 11th scores are 84 and 87. Thus the median is
Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 regulates asbestos, PCBs, new chemicals being developed for sale, and other chemicals Treatment, storage, or disposal facility (permitted hazardous waste facility) Total suspended solids Time weighted average Third-world countries Underground injection control United States Coast Guard United States Department of Agriculture Underground source of drinking water United States Geological Survey manages LandSat which images the environment via satellite United States Postal Service Ultraviolet radiation from the sun (UVA, UVB types) Volatile organic compound carbon-containing compounds that evaporate easily at low temperatures Vegetable oil methyl ester biodiesel derived from the reaction of methanol with vegetable oil Watt unit of electrical power Waste analysis plan World Bank owned by governments of 160 countries and funds hydroelectric plants and encourages ecotourism; does not fund nuclear energy World Conservation Union World Glacier Inventory World Heritage Site natural or cultural site recognized as globally important and deserving international protection World Resources Institute
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Uses of coal.
nicians who carried laptops equipped with wireless modems (i.e., PCMCIA cards). However, they found that connections were often lost due to coverage problems and dropped calls associated with circuit-switching. With basic circuit-switched technology, we found you could drop a call just by running into a bad cellular pocket. By the time you type in the passwords to get access to the computer (and data) in the data centers, a minute could go by. You d start a transaction, then get a dropped call and have to start all over, so we saw the difficulty not only in the time lost and annoyance with dropped calls, but more important, the cost. The worst of it was the cell phone bill was several hundred dollars per month per technician, and that was just for the cell phone calls to these back office computers to conduct tests," he said. A technician could be on a call for five to eight minutes just to get test results; and with separate dial ups to the dispatch system to get service requests, access e-mail, and dial up the computer to do time reports. Dennis found the cellular solution was basically impractical.
catch (ParseException e3) {
Basic Automatic Roaming Functions
System.out.println("Cannot create URL for: " + filename);
As mentioned in s 1 and 2, the early adopters of knowledge management believed that by having all applications and content in one place, and instant access to all information, you could solve the infoglut problem. This means e-mail, discussions, collaboration, and document management in one enormous system. Typically, as these applications matured, their components became more and more interdependent, which made upgrades and additional features difficult to implement. As a result, these knowledge management features ceased to be best-in-breed, and the system could no longer serve the needs of their users. At first, these problems went unnoticed. People had few alternatives for collaboration and document management. However, the early days of the Internet boom allowed departments to quickly deploy Web sites, and entire Web applications with much greater ease. If the centralized IT system could not serve the collaboration needs of a department, each department would implement its own solution. This problem is still very much alive today, as is evident by the proliferation of SharePoint systems. This trend not only leads to content proliferation, but also application proliferation. Not only were individual departments allowing people to access content over the Web, but they were developing their own Webbased solutions to help them increase their own productivity. The departments would use an outsourcing budget to create these systems, or in some they would utilize in-house programming talent to create them. The effect is clear: if an employee wanted to research a problem or perform an audit, he would have to understand the nuances of hundreds of different systems. In the event of an audit, or a legal hold, there would be
At the first two changes in signal a (10 ns and 30 ns), signal b immediately changes to false (actually at the next delta). Then when signal a has been stable for 10 ns, signal b changes to true. At time 55 ns, signal a changes value again, so signal b changes to false. Because signal a changes 5 ns later (60 ns), signal a has not been stable long enough to allow output b to go to a true value. Only at 10 ns after the last change on signal a (60 ns) is the input signal a stable long enough to allow signal b to change to true. If the time value specified for the STABLE attribute is 0 ns, or not specified, then the STABLE attribute is false for 1 delta whenever the signal that the attribute is attached to changes. An example of this scenario is shown in Figure 6-4. When used in this method, the resulting signal value has the same timing but opposite value as function attribute EVENT. A statement to detect the rising edge of a clock could be written in two ways, as shown here:
Building Customer Satisfaction
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