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The Windows Small Business Server computer should obtain a domain controller certificate so that it can validate its identity to clients for L2TP VPN connections and 802.1X authentication. To do so, first install Certificate Services as an enterprise root CA (as discussed earlier in this chapter), and then use the following procedure to request a certificate from the CA. 1. Open the Certificates (Local Computer) console. See the Creating A Local Computer and Current User Certificates Console section earlier in this chapter if you have yet to create this console. 2. Right-click the Personal container, choose All Tasks from the shortcut menu, and then choose Request New Certificate. The Certificate Request Wizard opens. 3. Click Next on the first page of the Certificate Request Wizard, and on the Certificate Types page, select Domain Controller. Click Next to continue. 4. On the Certificate Friendly Name And Description page, type SBS Server Certificate in the Friendly Name box, optionally type a description, and then click Next. 5. Review the settings and then click Finish. Click OK in the dialog box that appears, which states that the certificate request was successful. (If this doesn t appear, there s a problem with Certificate Services.)
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ANSI-41 SMS bearer service SS7 TCAP
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5. On the Advanced Simulation Options page, select any advanced simulation options you want to include. 6. On the Alternate Active Directory Paths page, you can simulate changes to the network location. 7. If you specified a user or user container, the User Security Groups page appears showing group membership (Figure 10-24). To see the results of changes to group membership, add or remove groups from the list.
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Application Exceptions
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3. Select the Projects tab, and then select the MyLibrary project, which contains the managed DLL. Click OK to add the reference to your project. Because the DLL is in the same solution and you just added a reference to that DLL to your application, Microsoft Visual Studio now knows there is a dependency between the two and will always build the DLL first so that your application builds the executable with the most up-to-date DLL possible. You can verify that the reference has been inserted by using the following technique: in Solution Explorer, expand the References node, and look for the MyLibrary reference. Click it to see the details in the Properties window. By default, when you create a Windows Forms project, plenty of references are automatically added to the project during its creation. Figure 7-2 shows the references and Properties window for information pertinent to MyLibrary. When you re done adding the reference, your application can create instances of the new types that are built in the DLL and use them appropriately. The build process (the compiler and linker) will now accept the use of those new types; however, for Visual Studio to have those new types available via IntelliSense and for the compiler to know about those new types, one more step is required. You might already have seen the line of code in the TestApplication.cs file that reads using MyLibrary;. You create a using directive to use the types in a namespace Figure 7-2 All references for this project without having to specify the fully qualified namespace name. qr code generator free
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Let s see how this works by walking through the execution of the example in architecture sequential, line by line. To be consistent, let s assume that s0 changes to 0. Because s0 is in the sensitivity list for the process statement, the process is invoked. Each statement in the process is then executed sequentially. In this example the IF statement is executed first followed by the CASE statment. Each check that the IF statement performs is done sequentially starting with the first in the model. The first check is to see if s0 is equal to a 0. This statement fails because s0 is equal to a 1 and s1t is equal to a 0. The signal assignment statement that follows the first check will not be executed. Instead, the next check is performed. This check succeeds and the signal assignment statements following the check for s0 = 1 and s1 = 0 are executed. This statement is shown below.
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To update an existing record, retrieve it using either the find() method or a DQL query, update the necessary properties, and save it back to the database using the save() method. Here s an example:
$input = new Zend_Filter_Input($filters, $validators); $input->setData($this->getRequest()->getParams()); test if input is valid retrieve requested record attach to view ($input->isValid()) { $q = Doctrine_Query::create() ->from('Square_Model_Item i') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Country c') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Grade g') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Type t') ->where('i.RecordID = ', $input->id) ->addWhere('i.DisplayStatus = 1') ->addWhere('i.DisplayUntil >= CURDATE()'); $result = $q->fetchArray(); if (count($result) == 1) { $this->view->item = $result[0]; $this->view->images = array(); $config = $this->getInvokeArg('bootstrap')>getOption('uploads'); foreach (glob("{$config['uploadPath']}/ {$this->view->item['RecordID']}_*") as $file) { $this->view->images[] = basename($file); } } else { throw new Zend_Controller_Action_Exception('Page not found', 404); } } else { throw new Zend_Controller_Action_Exception('Invalid input'); } } } // // // if
You should now see the IDE in an idle state waiting for you to write the application s code. Your screen should look like the one shown in Figure 3-6. (If you do not see the Properties window at the bottom right, click View, Properties Window.)
Not long after IS-41-B was published, implementation and deployment issues began to arise concerning IS-41-A. Most of the IS-41-A issues also applied to IS-41-B, since the primary functions remained unchanged. Ambiguities were also discovered in the standards. This is not surprising since these standards addressed some very complex issues and the industry was growing rapidly. Thus, the development of Telecommunications Systems Bulletins (TSBs) began. These publications do not carry the weight of interim standards; however, they are provided as addenda to the published standards and to solve particular problems specific to one or more of the standards. Within three years of the publication of IS-41-B, several TSBs were published to add enhancements or correct problems with both IS-41-A and IS-41-B. The following TSBs directly pertain to IS-41 functionality:
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