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Client Computer Reaching Remote Computer Through Port 3389
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Learning to Think Globally
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Why do we need to identify the active page at all The information is useful to the Menu view helper, which will attach an active CSS class to the corresponding main menu branch at
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Document Type Declarations
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Figure 8.12 The ANSI-41 application services
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Determines how many times TCP retransmits an unacknowledged data segment on an existing connection. TCP retransmits data segments until they are acknowledged or until the number of retransmissions specified by this value is reached.
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Traffic Engineering
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PostScript 5.0 Driver
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Is Wireless Right for Your Business
Strong vertical markets" for wireless mobile data initially drove early deployments in the 1990s and remain the most robust center for data today. Blue collar verticals manufacturing concerns, utilities, warehousing, field service, dispatch, package tracking were among the earliest adopters of digital wireless data because they could show a high return on investment (ROI). The precedent was set in the 1980s, when Federal Express (FedEx) launched a groundbreaking, proprietary radio data system, creating the first wireless real-time tracking system. This gave FedEx an enormous lead over other shipping companies endearing them to customers, because FedEx could provide a much faster, better-documented service. Competitors were forced to revamp the way they did business. UPS quickly jumped into wireless data for package tracking in the early 1990s, and the company now is deploying its second generation system. Similarly, FedEx Ground, which used to be called RPS (Roadway Package System), is now rolling out an application running on the Mobitex-based packet data network from Cingular Interactive, with enterprise middleware solutions from Broadbeam Corp. that reach 5000 FedEx Ground employees. Sears was another wireless data pioneer. Its Sears Product Repair Services division began reengineering customer service and field force repair in the late 1980s. The company originally found that service technicians made prodigious numbers of phone calls from pay phones back to the home office to order products and parts, check stock, and revise repair schedules. This took technicians approximately 30 minutes each day time they could otherwise spend making customer service calls. Other inefficiencies were also identified and quantified. Customers would sometimes cancel calls while technicians were already enroute; or they would be unavailable to answer the door. All order forms and service bills had to be filled out manually along with other administrative tasks. It was concluded these inefficiencies could cost justify a dynamic dispatch where routes could change according to calls and cancellations during the day. Sears initially selected a wireless data system consisting of a ruggedized handheld device from IBM, communications network by ARDIS, and a DOS-based field service application designed by the Sears information systems team. But after initial tests and IBM s exit from the ruggedized marketplace, Sears Product Repair Services adopted a ruggedized handheld PC (Itronix XC-6000) with a portable printer and wireless capability. Productivity benefits were evident even in the ini-
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4: Sell Anyone Anything with Words
By using Phone and Modem Options in Control Panel, you can record a log of commands as they are sent to your modem by communication programs or the operating system. On Windows XP Professional, logging is always turned on and the log is overwritten at the beginning of every session unless you select the Append to Log check box. Note Commands sent to the modem are captured in the file systemroot\ModemLog_Model.txt. In this file path, Model is the name of the modem as it appears in the list of installed modems on the Modems tab of Phone and Modem Options.
Bypassing the Logon Screen
Now our window's constructor is all set. We also want to let the user close the window smoothly, so we'll add code for that process next (if we didn't add code to let the user close the window, they'd have to end the program by pressing ^C or by terminating the program at the system level). When the user closes our window (using the close button in the title bar), Java passes a special value, .+ method. We can intercept that message and close the window from code at that point. Let's see how that works now. First, we add the .+ method to the window class: class winappFrame extends Frame
A pragmatic ECM strategy must account for legacy systems that cannot be moved in a cost-effective way. Instead, provide tools that federate ECM capabilities to these tactical systems. Having all content in one system reduces costs, complexity, and risk. However, consolidation is not free and might also have risks. A federated approach to enterprise content management allows you to gain some benefits of ECM in existing systems, without the need to migrate. Oracle has multiple tools to help with federation:
PKCS #7 The Cryptographic Message Syntax
13. Next drag an instance of SetState onto the designer s surface, and drop it just below the Code activity you just inserted.
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To enable Driver Signature Checking 1. In Control Panel, open System. 2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Driver Signing. Table C-16 describes the three levels of file signature verification that appear in the Driver Signing Options box.
Most attendees do not plan to bring a pillow to your presentation, but later feel sorry that they did not. An effective virtual presentation involves more than just presenting. The single most important element to remember in creating and delivering virtual presentations that work is interactivity. Presenters should conduct frequent and meaningful interactions. You do not have to worry about this now. 23, Promoting Interaction, is devoted to just that, and you will also receive hints and ideas on how to build interaction into your virtual presentation throughout this book.
69. 2 Bi3+ + 3 SnO2 + 6 OH 3 SnO3 + 3 H2O + 2 Bi For the above reaction, pick the true statement from the following: (A) The oxidation number of tin changes from + 2 to + 4. (B) The oxidation number of tin changes from + 4 to + 2. 3+ (C) The Bi is oxidized by the tin. reduces the Bi3+. (D) The OH 2 (E) The 2SnO3 is formed by the reduction of SnO2 . 70. An electrolysis cell was constructed with two platinum electrodes in a 1.00 M aqueous solution of KCl. An odorless gas evolved from one electrode and a gas with a distinctive odor evolved from the other electrode. Choose the correct statement from the following list. (A) The odorless gas was oxygen. (B) The odorless gas was evolved at the anode. (C) The gas with the distinctive odor was evolved at the anode. (D) The odorless gas was evolved at the positive electrode. (E) The gas with the distinctive odor was evolved at the negative electrode. 71. When 88 Ra decays, it emits 2 particles, then a particle, followed by an particle. The resulting nucleus is: (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)
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