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Fifteen thousand field service technicians are part of BellSouth Telecommunications, the support organization for wireline phone network operations in nine states in the southeastern United States. Now, thanks to a massive wireless data implementation, the field force is able to access up-to-the minute customer service and network status information, speeding transaction times and saving on average 45 minutes per day per technician. The solution uses Cingular Interactive s Mobitex network, Broadbeam s wireless messaging server, ExpressQ, Itronix XC6250 ruggedized laptops (see Figure 3.2), and a custom-built field service dispatch application created by BellSouth using services from Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). It has taken seven full years to evolve the success it enjoys today being a pioneer has its rewards. In 1994, BellSouth was beginning to look at a mobile computing platform for service technicians because the company s field workers were having difficulty finding dial tone to link with dispatch centers and parts and inventory. We were probably at a better vantage point than other service companies because at least we had the familiarity with where a phone was in a particular subdivision or industrial park," noted Gary Dennis, general manager of BellSouth Telecommunications network operations solutions group. But the technicians often had to use customers phones to obtain trouble tickets and service orders, so we looked at three options at the time, and the most logical starting point was, Why don t we use a cellular network to transmit circuit-switched data That was a blind alley." At first, Dennis and his staff Figure 3.2 BellSouth Field Technician Connects tested a cellular solution with 20 techUsing Wireless to Expedite Trouble Ticket Resolution
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Identifies the protocol used for the transmission of the data, such as TCP
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This chapter describes the design flow used to create complex FPGA and ASIC devices. The designer starts with a design specification, creates an RTL description, verifies that description, synthesizes the description to gates, uses place and route tools to implement the design in the chip, and then verifies that the final result is correct in terms of function and timing. The high-level design flow is shown in Figure 11-1. The first step in a high-level design flow is the design specification process. This process involves specifying the behavior expected of the final design. The designer puts enough detail into the specification so that the design can be built. The specification is usually written in the designer s native language and specifies the expected function and behavior of the design using textual description and graphic elements.
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Choosing Authentication Protocols
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