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Note that these functional entities were originally specified in the Bellcore Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) specification for wire-line intelligent network (IN) functionality in the late 1980s. These functional entities provide the distributed network intelligence required to support the IN call models, trigger points, and call treatment to provide new and efficient services to subscribers. Since WIN functionality requires many of the same characteristics of the wire-line IN network reference model, it made sense to include these same functional entities in the ANSI-41 network reference model. Figure 4.8 shows the additions to the ANSI-41 network reference model to support WIN capabilities. Although WIN functionality is explicitly specified in TIA/EIA/IS-771, and not ANSI-41, it is worth mentioning due to its close relationship to, and involvement in, the ANSI-41-based MSC and HLR. Intelligent Peripheral The intelligent peripheral (IP) is a functional entity that performs special resource management functions required to treat a call in a specific way. For example, a voice-mail system can be considered an IP, as are systems that provide voice announcements, interactive voice and response systems, and digit-collection systems. IP is a very broad term, so a wide variety of services and devices, used to manage the resources to treat certain calls in special ways, may be considered intelligent peripherals in this model. Service Control Point The service control point (SCP), in the broadest sense, is a functional entity that performs real-time database and transaction processing
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Imaging and Process Management (IPM) and BPEL workflows can bring documents, workflows, and searches to enterprise applications. Siebel Files and Business Intelligence Publisher can integrate directly with your strategic ECM infrastructure.
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Cable modems, with throughput up to 30 Mbps, provide two-way, high-speed connectivity to the Internet and, by means of a VPN connection, to private networks as well. Cable modem technology employs the same coaxial lines that transmit cable television, accomplishing data transmission at speeds that makes it ideal for transferring large amounts of digital information rapidly, including complex files such as video clips, audio files, and large amounts of data. Note
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Part III
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Using the EventHandlingScope Activity
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Recommended administrative practice dictates that an administrator be logged on to a privileged account (one with administrative rights) only while doing chores that require privileges. For ordinary work, the administrator is supposed to log off from the privileged account and then log on again to an ordinary account. Of course, 10 minutes later a situation again arises requiring use of the privileged account. So then it s necessary to log off from the ordinary account and log back on to the administrator account, with the process reversed again a few minutes later. After a few days of this, even the most security-conscious person begins to toy with the idea of logging on to the administrator account and staying there. This practice makes Windows Small Business Server systems highly susceptible to Trojan horse attacks. Just running Microsoft Internet Explorer and accessing a non-trusted Web site can be very risky when done from an administrator account. A Web page with Trojan code can be downloaded to the system and executed. The execution, done in the context of administrative privileges, can do considerable mischief, including such things as reformatting a hard disk, deleting all files, or creating a new user with administrative access. The Run As service allows you to work in a normal, nonprivileged account and launch applications or tools using the credentials of a different account without logging off and then logging back on again. To use the Run As feature, create an ordinary user account for your own use (if you don t have one already). Make sure that the user account has the right to log on locally at the machine you want to use. Log on using that account. When you need to perform a task requiring administrative privileges, complete the following steps: 1. Hold down the Shift key and right-click the desired program, Control Panel tool, or Administrative Tools icon. 2. Choose Run As from the shortcut menu. The Run As dialog box appears.
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Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Performance
Global Change and Economics 241
You can install Windows XP Professional and software updates, as well as additional applications, in Unattended mode. Scenario: Installing Windows XP Professional, software updates, and additional applications in Unattended mode Follow these steps to create a combination installation of the Windows XP Professional operating system together with software updates and thirdparty drivers or applications on a network distribution share. This process can be accomplished only in Unattended mode. Step 1: Prepare for the installation Before you run Setup to install the Windows XP Professional operating system combined with software updates, you must change the software update file names (from WindowsXP-KB######-x86-LLL.exe to KB######.exe and from Q######_XXX_YYY_ZZZ_LLL to Q######), because Windows XP Professional Setup requires the 8.3 naming convention for all files and folders in the distribution folder. Step 2: Create a distribution folder Follow these steps to create the distribution folder:
2. The layer closest to the surface, where spaces between soil particles are filled with both air and water, is called the zone of (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) aeration hydration precipitation consolidation acclimation
Table 9-1
52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 } } public override void Display() { Console.WriteLine(Name + is at level + Level.ToString() + and has a salary of : + Salary.ToString() + $ ); Console.WriteLine( His address is: ); Console.WriteLine(Address); Console.WriteLine(City + , + State + + ZIP); Console.WriteLine(Country); { public int Level; public int Salary; public class Employee : Person
integrated device electronics (IDE)
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Now that we've set up storage for the data we'll need, we will write the doTree() method to decode that XML document. First in doTree(), we loop over the current element's children: void doTree(Element elem)
Network Connections folder found in Control Panel. Any configuration that you might need to perform on the broadband hardware should only be done using the provider s documentation. Because not all broadband hardware functions in quite the same fashion, your ISP should provide you with specific configuration instructions as well as documentation and telephone support should you run into any problems. If you will be using a modem to connect to the Internet, Windows XP can detect and automatically install most modems. If you have purchased an external or internal modem that you want to install, follow the manufacturer s setup instructions for Windows XP. Once you have installed the modem, the modem appears as an installed device in Phone And Modem Options in Control Panel. On the Modems tab, as shown in Figure 4-1, any modems installed in the computer appear in the list.
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