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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was originally designed to solve the security problems with web browsers. Back at the beginning of the Internet boom, the great commercial opportunity that the Internet offered was realized, but the security concerns of sending personal and credit card information in cleartext needed to be addressed because attackers could easily intercept this information and use it for evil purposes. Netscape was the first browser to offer SSL and made the Web safe for commercial transactions; thus, a secure channel could be provided for transmission of data. SSL is transparent, which means that the data arrives at the destination
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3. Don t Interrupt
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The book outlines the history of wireless data and shows exactly how enterprise managers can develop effective models and pilots for mobility. The book portrays the road warrior, the connected enterprise, the challenge of accessing the wireless Internet and corporate Intranet and covers wireless basics, standards issues, caveats and components of an effective mobile solution. Most importantly, the book provides a vision of how to imagine and implement wireless requirements in places where no mobility solution has gone before. Aimed principally at the business thinker and corporate IT manager, it also contains advanced tools and tables for wireless applications developers and consultants.
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set notifications [mode =]ENABLE|DISABLE [[profile=]CURRENT|DOMAIN|STANDARD|ALL] Parameters: mode notification mode ENABLE allow popup notifications DISABLE do not allow popup notifications profile modify the specified profile (optional) CURRENT current profile (default) DOMAIN delete exception from domain profile STANDARD delete exception from standard profile ALL delete exception from all profiles
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There are two types of document type definitions (DTD): an internal DTD and an external DTD. An internal DTD appears at the beginning of the XML document within the DOCTYPE tag, which we illustrate in the next example. Internal DTD is perfect for when only one XML document will use the DTD because the DTD is distributed in the same file as the XML document. Some developers also use an internal DTD for small documents where the DTD is unlikely to change and, especially, for those documents that will only be distributed within their organization. Avoid using an internal DTD if many XML documents share the same DTD because it isn t economical to replicate the DTD in every XML document. Furthermore, you ll need to hunt down each of those documents whenever you want to change the DTD. Notice that the following example uses an internal DTD to define a customer for the XML document. This DTD contains a number of parent-child relationships (see 2), as you can tell from reading the definition of the customer tag. The customer tag is a parent than contains seven child elements. These are name, title, company, address, phone, email, and account_number. Three of those child elements are also parents to their own child elements. For example, name has first_name and last_name as child elements. Address has street_1, street_2, city, state, and zip as child elements. And phone has business, cell, home, and fax as child elements. The DTD ends with ]>. The XML document begins on the next line, where tags defined in the DTD identify data within the XML document.
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Interworking between GSM and ANSI-41 networks to provide the identified mobility management, call origination, and call delivery functions involves the serving MSC/VLR and the HLR (see Figure 17.21). Signaling is required between the HLR in one network and the MSC/VLR of the other to support all the functions identified for interworking. Trunk connections are required between the MSC/VLR and the PSTN to support call origination, call delivery, and the call features and control.
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Microsoft Windows XP helps make configuring a wireless network simple. Before trekking off to the computer store to buy the components needed, however, you should read this section to gain an understanding of wireless networking, the kinds of wireless networks supported by Windows XP, and whether you can benefit from wireless networking.
Route names are useful because you can use them with the url() view helper to automatically generate URLs inside views. For example, a call to $view>url(array(), 'home') inside a view script would automatically generate the URL string /home.
4: Network Resources
Address Table City Brooklyn
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