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When you install a Plug and Play device, Windows XP Professional installs a driver from the file. Windows XP Professional installs the cabinet file as part of the operating system installation process. The file contains thousands of commonly used files, including drivers, application extensions, and color profiles. These files enable Windows XP Professional to work with a broad range of hardware devices and applications.
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15. A steel tank containing argon gas has additional argon gas pumped into it at constant temperature. Which of the following is true for the gas in the tank (A) There is no change in the number of gas atoms. (B) There is an increase in the volume of the gas. (C) There is a decrease in the pressure exerted by the gas. (D) The gas atoms travel with the same average speed. (E) The gas atoms are separated by a greater average distance. 16. 2 N2O5(s) 4NO2(g) + O2(g) A 2 L evacuated flask has a 0.2 mol sample of N2O5(s) sealed inside it. The flask is heated to decompose the solid and cooled to 300 K. The N2O5(s) is completely decomposed according to the balanced equation above. What is the nearest value to the final total pressure of the gases in the flask (The value of the gas constant, R, is 0.082 L 1 1 atm mol K .) (A) 0.6 atm (B) 6 atm (C) 0.05 atm (D) 1.2 atm (E) 3 atm 17. A glass container is filled, at room temperature, with equal numbers of moles of H2(g), O2(g), and NO2(g). The gases slowly leak out through a pinhole. After some of the gas has effused, which of the following is true of the relative values for the partial pressures of the gases remaining in the container (A) H2 < NO2 < O2 (B) NO2 < H2 < O2 (C) H2 = NO2 = O2 (D) O2 < NO2 < H2 (E) H2 < O2 < NO2 18. Choose the gas that probably shows the greatest deviation from ideal gas behavior. (A) He (B) O2 (C) SF4 (D) SiH4 (E) Ar 19. Determine the formula for a gaseous silane (SinH2n+2) if it has a density of 5.47 g per L at 0 C and 1.00 atm. (A) SiH4 (B) Si2H6 (C) Si3H8 (D) Si4H10 (E) Si5H12 20. Which of the following best explains why a hotair balloon rises (A) The heating of the air causes the pressure inside the balloon to increase. (B) The cool outside air pushes the balloon higher. (C) The temperature difference between the inside and outside air causes convection currents. (D) Hot air has a lower density than cold air. (E) Cooler air diffuses more slowly than the warmer air.
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The basic single-step feature control service comprises the following steps (see Figure 12.30): 1. The subscriber enters a feature code string into the MS and presses the SEND key. 2. The serving system recognizes the received digits as a feature code string and sends them to the HLR in a FeatureRequest Invoke (FEATREQ) message. 3. The HLR processes the feature control request and updates its database, if necessary. The HLR returns a success or failure indication to the serving system in the FeatureRequest Return Result (featreq) message. 4. The serving system provides the appropriate indication to the MS.
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Bell Atlantic Corp
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This jobhunter has categorized his abilities so that the letter can be easily skimmed or read in full with greater meaning. Either way, any reader will be convinced that he is a qualified candidate worth interviewing.
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Installing and Running Troubleshooting Tools
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Wireless networks directly interconnect with the PSTN to support wire line-to-wireless and wireless-to-wire line calls. The PSTN may also be used to support wireless-to-wireless calls. The PSTN comprises local exchange carriers (LECs), interexchange carriers (IXCs), and other wire-
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Core LSR Core LSR PSTN Ethernet Edge LSR Core LSR Core LSR MPLS
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1. a. True 2. c. image 3. c. Tell the aggregator when to find a document that contains comments 4. b. Tell the aggregator days that you don t want the aggregator to update its copy of your RSS document. 5. c. Don t update at 9 p.m. 6. b. False 7. a. True 8. d. All of the above 9. a. True 10. a. True
Structure of the ANSI-41 Standard
Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
High flow rate in distal nephron
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