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Desktop Management
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The next component described is the comparator entity comp. This entity compares two values and returns either a 1 or 0 depending on the type of comparison requested and the values being compared. A symbol showing the ports of the comparator is shown in Figure 13-4. The comparison type is determined by the value on input port sel. For instance, to compare if inputs a and b are equal, apply the value eq to port sel. If ports a and b have the same value, port compout returns 1 . If the values are not equal, 0 is returned. The types of comparisons allowed are described by type t_comp in package cpu_lib in file cpulib.vhd described earlier. The full table of comparison types and values is shown in Figure 13-5. All operations work on two input values and return a single bit result. This bit is used to control the flow of operation within the processor while executing instructions. Following is a VHDL description of the comp entity:
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Secret Sauce Features vs. Technical Nonsense
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Deleting a Group Policy Object
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One of the most intrusive features of IIS 4.0 was the fact that restarting IIS could be very inconvenient. In a full-featured IIS 4.0 environment, you had to manually stop the IISAdmin service (which would then stop the various services of IIS), and then track down all the worker processes used by Microsoft Transaction Server and manually stop them. Only then could you restart IISAdmin, bringing the Web server back online. Some administrators found it simpler to just restart the entire computer, thus inconveniencing all users of that system. With the advent of IIS 5.0, it is now possible to easily restart IIS using the IISReset tool. What used to be minutes of downtime is now only a few seconds of unavailability.
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Deny service to the visiting subscriber. Provide service to the visiting subscriber by obtaining credit information directly from the subscriber. Route the signaling information about the visiting subscriber to a clearinghouse network, which may have a roaming agreement with the subscriber s home system.
make sure other users cannot access and modify it. Also, anyone else logged on with an administrator account (including anyone who uses the computer while logged on under your administrator account) can turn off the log if they know how. They can then surf and turn the log back on afterward.
Related Information
Figure 12-4. Tracert traces the path to a target host. In this case, an intervening router appears to be blocking ICMP traffic.
Figure 7-5.
try {
Updating the Master Layout
dynamic IP address. If you choose this option, the TURN Authentication Information page of the wizard will prompt for the user name and password used to authenticate your server to the ISP. Your ISP will tell you which signal to use.
PACKAGE p_ram IS TYPE t_ram_data IS ARRAY(0 TO 511) OF INTEGER; CONSTANT x_val : INTEGER := -1; CONSTANT z_val : INTEGER := -2; END p_ram; USE WORK.p_ram.ALL; LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; ENTITY ram IS PORT( data_in : IN INTEGER; PORT( addr : IN INTEGER; PORT( data : OUT INTEGER; PORT( cs : IN std_logic; PORT( r_wb: in std_logic); END ram; ARCHITECTURE behave_ram OF ram IS BEGIN main_proc: PROCESS( cs, addr, r_wb ) VARIABLE ram_data : t_ram_data; VARIABLE ram_init : boolean := false; BEGIN IF NOT(ram_init) THEN FOR i IN ram_data LOW TO ram_data HIGH LOOP ram_data(i) := 0; END LOOP; ram_init := TRUE; END IF; IF (cs = X ) OR (r_wb = X )THEN data <= x_val; ELSIF ( cs = 0 ) THEN data <=z_val; ELSIF (r_wb = 1 ) THEN IF (addr = x_val) OR (addr = z_val) THEN data <=x_val; ELSE data <= ram_data(addr); END IF; ELSE
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