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Winning the Merger Endgame
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Mobility changes work from a location to an activity, and it has the same impact on education. Today s educational goal is to bring the classroom to people in addition to bringing people to the classroom. This concept extends well beyond the approach
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ic document without breaking the vocabulary. For example, when working both with Ford in the automotive industry and with Boeing in the aerospace industry, a vendor would like to exchange data using the most compatible format. With XSLT, the vendor may be able to build a normalized schema that enables sharing of data with Boeing or Ford without requiring any extra translation steps. In addition, schemas are easy to create, easy to read, and easy to modify. The reason that schemas are not yet widespread is that an agreed-upon definition and specification have not yet been designed. But the use of XML technology is already beginning to push the envelope beyond the current DTD capabilities. Just as schemas permit modifications for interoperability, they also permit modifications for a changing marketplace. Currently, DTDs and schemas are fairly static, but consider an example of a very rapidly changing marketplace, such as the wireless market. In the wireless market, the industry is changing hardware and software almost weekly as subscribers demand more and more functionality. Nokia and Motorola send specification product descriptions to their vendors every week. Imagine that these documents are in a schema format. Now, if these manufacturers design new features and capabilities, or if service providers step up the bandwidth significantly, or if the wireless application protocol (WAP) specification evolves with more capabilities, then the schema must change to reflect these improvements. A DTD might require a completely new overhaul, but schemas are more flexible, more extensible, and are omnimorphic. To incorporate information about the improvements, Nokia and Motorola can simply add the new features to the schema. The change does not affect existing applications, because they will either use the new data or ignore it if necessary. In most cases, the new applications will be flexible enough to adapt to new information. This is what XML is all about, being able to extend smoothly to fit increasing capabilities as needed. This capability is what makes XML an omnimorphic language. As this example implies, a foundation schema can be agreed upon and developed for the exchange of information and data. When new information is added to the schema, no modifications are needed to the applications or to the basic schema. And the information is automatically distributed to the market, to vendors, and to partners. At a later date, as the amount of new information increases beyond some threshold, the partners may come
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Test Everything and Recover Well
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Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
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Once you have taken the exam and it has been scored, your test will be graded with one of five numbers by the College Board:
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