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NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System NFS Network File System (or Server) NIC Network interface card NiCd Nickel cadmium NiMH Nickel-metal hydride NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology NIU Network interface unit nm Nanometer NM Network manager NMS Network Management System NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone (Ericsson) NOC Network operations center NOS Network operating system NPCS Narrowband Personal Communication Services OBEX Object exchange OC Optical carrier OEM Original equipment manufacturer OFDM Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OMC Operations and maintenance center OS Operating system OSI Open Systems Interconnection OSPF Open shortest path first PA Preamble PACS Personal Access Communications System PAN Personal area network PAP Password Authentication Protocol PAT Port Address Translation PBX Private branch exchange PC Personal computer PCB Printed circuit board PCH Paging channel PCM Pulse code modulation
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Part I Preparation and Planning
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Drawbacks of wind power are unpredictability and the vast acreage needed to generate enough electricity for urban areas. Consequently, land for wind farms, especially in coastal areas, can be expensive and difficult to buy from vacationers. Some opponents also dislike the constant, low, humming noise (60 decibels) caused by wind turbines. Table 17.1 shows where wind turbines fall when compared to other sound producing objects and activities.
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Sanmina Corp
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Part I:
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Bluetooth (named after the Viking king of Denmark known for his skill in getting people to talk to one another) is a low-cost, short-range wireless specification for connecting devices. It was originally developed by Ericsson and was intended as a way to replace the cabling between cellular phones and laptops with a small, low-powered, and low-cost radio solution. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed in order to make the technology an open, interoperable standard. The first release of the Bluetooth specification was in July 1999. The SIG is now driving the development of the standard (www.bluetooth.com). The Bluetooth standard uses low-powered radio in the 2.4 GHz range and avoids interference from other radio signals by the use of very fast frequency hopping (1,600 times a second) between 79 frequencies at 1 MHz intervals. A range of 10 meters and an optional 100 meters are defined in the specification. IEEE is in the process of developing a standard that incorporates Bluetooth technology (refer to the section IEEE 802.15 ). Because Bluetooth uses the same band as the 802.11, 802.11b, and 802.11g standards (the 2.4 GHz range), there have been concerns about
Part I:
A comprehensive security model comes in layers.
XML is rapidly becoming an integral part of standard IT infrastructure. Most of us agree that no IT executive or IT-focused business executive can afford to ignore this fact. Even so, too few of them take the time to understand XML s business value; instead, they perceive XML as another technology solution to a technology problem. Nothing could be less true: As Solomon Simon intones in these pages, Business on the Internet is not about a technology model; business on the Internet, as with business anywhere, is about a business model. And few technologies give rise to more interesting e-business models than XML. Taking a historical view can be instructive. Manuel Castells, a scholar at the University of California at Berkeley, has argued that the new information economy is largely a product of two historic trends: (1) the recently emergent post-Fordism model of supply chain execution one that rests on the principles of flexible and just-in-time manufacturing, a la Dell Computer and (2) the development of IT networks. The intersection of these trends is giving rise, according to Castells, to a new organizational form called the network enterprise, whose sole purpose is to process information more efficiently than the competition. In 2001, evidence of these trends abounds. Many companies are building (or have already built) messaging transport pathways among their previously monolithic enterprise applications to enable a unified view of corporate information. The most enterprising ones are also building new pathxiii
To route the message to SME-A s MC in step 2, the serving system can maintain a table of MIN-to-MC addresses (e.g., MIN to SS7 destination point codes), as is often done today in ANSI-41 networks for routing ANSI-41 messages to an MS s HLR. If messages are transported using an SS7 signaling network, the serving system can use the SS7 global title translation (GTT) capability. In this case, the serving system creates a global title address containing the originating SME s MIN value and requests a MIN-to-MC global title translation.3
Figure 14-1
Chiron Corp
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