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21: Monitoring Windows XP Network Performance
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The profile is specific to a user, local to that computer, and stored on the local computer s hard disk.
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The GSM confidentiality process
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5. If there are two or more network adapters in your Windows Small Business Server computer, specify which one connects to the local network and then click Next. 6. If Setup detects an existing DHCP server on the network, click Yes in the dialog box that appears (see Figure 4-5) to use the Windows Small Business Server DHCP Server service, ensuring the correct setup of DHCP on the network. You should then manually disable the existing DHCP server, which is most likely in a firewall or wireless access point. (See the Under the Hood sidebar, DHCP, for more information.)
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For networks without access to a WINS name server, Windows XP Professional enables you to manually provide NetBIOS name and IP address mappings for remote computers by using the Lmhosts file. This file can also be used in an environment where name servers are available
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You might have noticed that before your Windows XP Professional computer joined a domain there was an Internet Time tab in the Date And Time Properties dialog box, which is opened by double-clicking Date And Time in Control Panel. When you use Windows XP Professional on a stand-alone computer or in a workgroup setting, you can synchronize your computer s clock with an Internet time server if you are logged on under an account with administrative privileges. Once you join a domain, this Internet Time tab is removed in fact, if you don t have administrative privileges, you won t even be able to open Date And Time. In a Windows domain, time synchronization is administered by the domain controllers because server versions of Windows 2000 use time synchronization as part of the authentication process, and improperly altering the time synchronization between the workstation and the server could cause the authentication to fail.
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The Berkeley team s approach was quite simple. Using a given SIM, the team challenged the SIM with selected queries. The SIM s responses were analyzed and the secret Ki was determined. The attack was conducted with simple hardware, including the GSM phone/SIM combo, a standard smart card reader, and a PC. The process to retrieve the Ki was accomplished in less than eight hours. Once successful, this attack enables the creation of a SIM with the same Ki and the placement of fraudulent calls on the network. The industry quickly moved to counter these published attacks. The North American GSM Alliance, LLC, consisting of the eight largest GSM network operators in the United States and Canada, responded within a week of the A3/A8 attacks and stressed the following issues:6
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3. Verify that the Obtain An IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically options are selected, and then click OK. Note You might want to use static IP addresses for additional servers (print servers and additional domain controllers are two likely candidates). If you choose to use a static IP address, configure the server with an IP address in the excluded IP address range of through, or add an appropriate exclusion in DHCP .
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Windows Messenger.
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CoinInserted Start Wait Coins
The next step is to define the action and view for the configuration interface. Here s the code for the ConfigController, which should be saved as $APP_DIR/application/modules/default/ controllers/ConfigController.php:
support their further growth, and to encourage companies to maintain their headquarters in the native country. This opens the door to future spin-offs and creation of industrial networks or clusters that form the breeding ground for large-scale economic growth and employment. We have seen this in the automotive and automotive supplier industry in southwest Germany and around Turin and The state must play a Detroit. We have seen the aerospace industry proactive role by setting develop around Bavaria. We have seen the highthe right regulatory environment, along with tech industry blossom in Silicon Valley industrial development (California), Silicon Alley (New York), and and tax system incentives. Boston, and the biotech industry grow in Bavaria and Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia s Multimedia Super Corridor all with heavy government support and encouragement. The authors have a message for world leaders: industrial policy is still in vogue. It is not a vestige of the 1970s. Here is where future-oriented country leaders (and leaders of states and provinces and mayors of major cities) can make their marks. The state must play a proactive role by setting the right regulatory environment, along with industrial
Figure 14.3 An example of the use of the ANSI-41 Reset operation.
The default Exchange Server configuration is set up when you first run the Configure E-Mail and Internet Connection Wizard, which was described in 6, Completing the To Do List and Other Post-Installation Tasks. If you haven t yet run this wizard to connect to the Internet, you ll need to do that first. The first part of the wizard sets up your Internet connection. Once you configure the Internet connection, the wizard guides you through initial configuration of your Exchange server, starting with the Internet E-Mail page shown in Figure 14-1. If you ve got the Exchange snap-in open when you click Next, you get a warning message about refreshing the snap-in when you re done so you ll see any changes. Next, you need to decide how you want your outgoing e-mail configured. You can either use DNS to route outgoing e-mail or forward all your outgoing e-mail to a server specified by your ISP, as shown in Figure 14-2.
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Micro Focus Group PLC
ANSI-41 Interoperation with Other Networks
Data Recovery Agent's Public Key From Certificate
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