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Put simply, your chances are not good. In fact, you could be in hot water and liable for a lot more than just the deposit if the seller decides to sue you for speci c performance (demanding that you complete the transaction). Most sales agreements provide that if you default, the seller is entitled to keep the deposit. (Separately, the listing agreement between seller and agent may specify that they will split the deposit in the event of your default.) Thus, at least in theory, as soon as you default on the deal, your deposit is lost. And, of course, there could be an irate seller to deal with. In the past when a buyer defaulted, a seller occasionally did sue for damages, thus tying up the courts and causing long-term problems for everyone concerned. As a result, liquidated-damage clauses for residential real estate have come into wide use in sales agreements and are accepted and even codi ed in many states.
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9. Although you can change some properties within this dialog box, just click OK for now. See Figure 8-11 to view the diagram with the new relationship created.
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A network adapter works like any other internal or external device that you might install on Windows XP. The ways in which network adapters interface with your computer depends on the type of adapter you use. Network interface cards (NICs), for instance, are typically sold as internal cards that plug into expansion slots on the computer s motherboard. Network adapters are increasingly being integrated directly onto the motherboard in desktop and laptop computers. Many laptop computers also now come with built-in wireless LAN adapters. Network adapters are also available as external devices that can connect to your computer s universal serial bus (USB) port or the PC Card slots on a laptop. Once the network adapter is installed, your computer has the capability to physically connect to the network, and the necessary networking software can be configured in Windows XP. With most types of networks, cabling is used to connect the network adapter to other computers, either directly or via a centralized hub (see Connecting with Hubs and Switches, opposite). Most cabled network adapters are Ethernet NICs, which you can learn more about in Ethernet Networks, page 60. Network adapters are readily available at all computer stores and on the Internet. Their prices vary, but most standard internal NICs will cost you around $30 and up, as will external USB network adapters. PC Cards for laptop computers are a little pricier. Wireless adapters cost even more. You have plenty of brands to choose from, but they all perform the same function. Commonly used brands include 3Com (, Intel (, and Linksys (, but you ll find many others. Check your favorite computer store for its current offerings.
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However, their time is scarce and they may be hesitant to come out and give you a bid on a maybe. That s why it s important to contact these people in advance and try to gain their con dence. Tell them that you plan on using them. If not on this house (because you didn t buy it), then the next one. If they won t budge, and you absolutely need a quick opinion, you might have to pay for their time. Offer them 50 to 100 bucks to come out. Yes, it goes against the rules to pay for a bid, but if you need information fast, it can be the right thing to do.
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The serving system and base station are capable of and configured for executing the global challenge. The MS is authentication capable, and authentication is required for the MS.
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never deployed on any wide scale. Therefore, enterprises and users were very interested in adopting GPRS. The IP-centric architecture of GPRS serves as a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides seamless compatibility with IP-based networks and applications. On the other hand, IP introduces a whole host of new security threats that enterprises did not have to contend with in 2G networks. Fortunately, the IP architecture of GPRS enables some new security capabilities to be utilized, specifically through the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). A VPN encrypts data from end point to end point on a public network. VPNs can be configured in multiple ways in the GPRS world (see Figure 6-11). Ultimately, the preferred approach is a fully encrypted session from the wireless device all the way to the corporate network. Currently, end-toend VPN connections on GPRS are difficult to achieve. Everything connected to the Internet must possess a unique numeric identifier. This is called the IP address. There are a finite number of IP
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The most undesirable action by the visited system is to deny service to the subscriber. The subscriber suffers and there is no revenue generated for either the home or visited network. When a roaming subscriber attempts call origination and the visited system does not recognize the subscriber s MIN, it can direct the subscriber to a customer service center. This customer service center typically requests credit information from the subscriber so that calls can be originated and billed directly to the subscriber (see Figure 17.2). In this case, the location management and service qualification processes are not performed, and mobile-terminated calls cannot be delivered to the subscriber. Another option is based on an agreement the visited system has with a clearinghouse network (see Figure 17.3). Signaling information for all unrecognized mobile subscribers is routed to the clearinghouse network. If the clearinghouse network has an agreement with the subscriber s home system, it can support the mobility management functions on behalf of the visited system. If the clearinghouse network does not have an agreement with the home system, it can obtain credit information directly from the subscriber.
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about whether it s a good fit for you. If you want to make the best decision possible for yourself, there is no alternative but to ask. The more senior the position you are applying for, the more expected it is for you to ask the hard questions. Many of the questions in this book are appropriate for public and private companies, but the following questions are targeted for private companies only: Is the company profitable How is the company funded Who are the investors How are corporate decisions made How is the company organized What is the company s burn rate How much money does the company have in the bank What are the growth opportunities Has the company considered filing for an IPO (initial public offering) Is private stock available to me What about stock options Has the company been approached for a merger or takeover What was the company s reaction to the merger or acquisition overture Has that attitude changed Where do you see the company (or function) going in the next three years Can you tell me about the company s roots As former president Ronald Reagan would say, Trust, but verify. Asking these questions is just the first step. Confirming the accuracy of the answers is the second.
We can store each item the customer ordered with an <ITEM> tag: < XML version = "1.0" >
In general, as we discussed, it s tricky to be too direct in asking for the job. But if you are applying for any kind of sales representative job, then asking for the job is not optional. If you don t ask for the job in the in133
Value attributes are used to return a particular value about an array of a type, a block, or a type in general. Value attributes can be used to return the length of an array or the lowest bound of a type. Value attributes can be further broken down into three subclasses: I Value type attributes, which return the bounds of a type I Value array attributes, which return the length of an array I Value block attributes, which return block information Child Domain
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