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In addition to the Dojo view helper, the Zend Framework also ships with a number of other view helpers that can be used to directly render Dojo and Dijit layout containers and form elements within a view script. Table 11-2 gives an abridged list of these helpers. It s worth noting that the Dojo view helper will automatically detect your use of these helpers in a view script and generate the necessary client-side code to initialize them. Here s an example:
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Figure 12.6 An example of local SPINI feature handling by the serving system: (1) The subscriber registers in a local SPINI-capable serving system. The HLR provides the subscriber s SPINI PIN and call origination triggers to the serving system. (2) The subscriber enters an international phone number and presses the SEND key. The call origination to an international destination trigger is set; therefore, the serving system connects the call to a system capable of user interaction (e.g., an interactive voice response unit), prompts the subscriber for a PIN, collects the digits entered by the subscriber, and verifies that they match SPINI PIN digits received from the HLR. (3) The serving system allows the call origination to proceed.
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Mass Ice extinction age Jurassic period Pangea forms Paleozoic era Pangea splits 12 Humans appear Today
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After your eBay Store is created, your existing auction-format and regular fixed-price listings are automatically inserted into your store. The beauty of eBay Stores, however, is that you can also list merchandise as fixed-price
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The mean is 2.48 years, and the median is 2 years. This indicates that the mean is being pulled to the right and that the distribution is skewed to the right or has outliers in the direction of the larger values. The standard deviation is 2.61 years. Because one standard deviation to left would yield a negative value, this also indicates that the distribution extends further to the right than the left.
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Part 5: Advanced Networking
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ANSI-41 Explained
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No one is so prescient as to didactically describe how the wireless data market will evolve over the next few years, although curiously enough, many have made predictions with scientific certainty attached. The acid tests described in the earlier section are the filters that will determine what products and services will reach large-scale acceptance, however, the tests themselves do not determine what products and services are brought forward. Going back to the FDA analogy, the drug companies are responsible for creating new products. In the case of the wireless data market, software vendors, device manufacturers, and network operators are collectively responsible for bringing forward new products. Instead of looking at any particular products or services, it is more instructive to look at classes of applications. First and foremost, business-to-employee applications such as pickup and delivery applications have led the way in the wireless data market. These have an ROI and attendant soft business benefits that make them highly desirable. Convenience of these applications have not been high since early devices were bulky and heavy, and wide area wireless networks were slow and had poor coverage. Since an organization could mandate that their employees use the new wireless data system, convenience became a less important factor. Moving forward into the broader commercial marketplace, convenience will take on a stronger role, and as is the case with disruptive technologies as they approach the mass-market, the technology will have to be responsive to new requirements. Although monochrome displays were sufficient to meet the needs of road warriors or the FedEx delivery driver, mass market devices will need to deliver full color since in the mass market the device will be used to render entertainment.
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New for Windows XP Professional
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make them recognizable on the public Internet. That way, the limited supply of IP addresses can be more wisely used for publicly available servers. In addition to IP address conservation, NAT serves as a simple firewall for incoming connections since only traffic initiated by interior computers is permitted through the NAT mechanism. When the router receives a packet from a client device on the corporate network bound for a destination on the public Internet, the router rewrites the address so it appears to originate from one of its public IP addresses and the packet is sent out with this address. When a reply packet comes back, it will be addressed to the public address previously assigned by the router. The router maintains a database of outstanding requests and will look up the address of the station that made the request. It then rewrites the public IP address of the return packet to the private IP address, ensuring its delivery to the appropriate client behind the router. Both static and dynamic NATs are supported. Static address translations explicitly map an external address to an internal address. For incoming packets that have not been specifically requested, such as e-mail, static mapping is used. With dynamic translations, a pool is allocated and each new IP address to be translated is dynamically mapped to another IP address from the pool in a round-robin fashion. NAT is not a foolproof security solution. Via address spoofing, the router can be tricked into giving access to an Internet intruder. Other measures, such as a firewall, must be taken to ensure more effective security. This can be a standalone device or an option available on the wireless router s operating system. The wireless link itself, however, is usually protected by WEP. The capabilities, features, and configuration settings of the wireless router can be upgraded or changed by the network administrator from a remote management station using tools such as Telnet, FTP, and SNMP. Vendors typically offer Windows-based tools with their products to make configuration and management chores easier. Some offer policy-based management tools that enable administrators to easily configure a large number of wireless devices on the network. Under the policy-based approach, similar devices are grouped together into classes. When one device is configured, that configuration is carried over automatically to similar devices on the network. The policy approach can also be used to assign increments of bandwidth to different classes of users as well as stipulate which network applications have priority, when they have priority, and which users can access them.
Take It to the Next Level
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frame.resize(320, 320);
RSVP or CR-LDP signaling processing and label binding at every MPLS hop for each gateway-to-gateway pair Resource reservation and admission control at every MPLS hop for each gateway-to-gateway pair and every time the resource reservation is modified (for example, to adjust to a varying number of calls on a gateway-to-gateway pair) In case of failure, fast reroute at the relevant MPLS hops of all the affected gateway-to-gateway LSPs
prove to be a potential problem on two fronts. First, it reduces the ability to obtain maximum volume pricing. Secondly, it requires any potential wireless application to be compatible with (and tested against) the various bearer protocols (such as Global System for Mobile Communications [GSM], Code Division Multiple Access [CDMA], and Time Division Multiple Access [TDMA]). It could also complicate efforts to enable intraemployee data communication because SMS systems are not always compatible between different operators.
The default format string contains a timestamp, the log level (as both a number and a string), and the log message. However, it is possible to modify this format and rearrange items to suit application-specific requirements. To illustrate, here s another example, this one making use of additional keys set with the setEventItem() method:
28, Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems, for more information about boot sectors, defragmenting volumes, and using Chkdsk.exe 6, Managing Files and Folders, for more information about shared folders and shared folder permissions 12, Organizing Disks Appendix C, Tools for Troubleshooting Inside Microsoft Windows 2000, Third Edition by David A. Solomon and Mark E. Russinovich, 2000, Redmond: Microsoft Press
Next, let s define the Api_CatalogController::indexAction. You ll remember that this action is automatically dispatched when the router encounters a GET request without the id request variable, and it should return a list of all matching resources. Here s the code:
Call Processing Functions
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