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Options Accounting: An Example
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(30 kHz for transmission and 30 kHz for reception) within an entire RF allocation of either 30 MHz (i.e., 15 MHz for transmit and 15 MHz for receive for each carrier) or 10 MHz (i.e., 5 MHz for transmit and 5 MHz for receive for each carrier). Note that although the terms cellular and PCS differentiate categories of frequency bandwidths, PCS systems employ the same basic technology of cellular systems. Cellular systems use a technique known as frequency reuse (see Figure 1.3). A particular available channel frequency is transmitted from one base station at a power level that supports communications within a moderate cell radius around that base station (anywhere from a few hundred feet to about 50 miles!). Because this transmitted signal power is controlled to serve only a limited range, the same frequency can be transmitted simultaneously, or reused, by another base station, provided there is no interference between it and any other base station using that same frequency. Figure 1.3 depicts a typical cellular frequency reuse model using a seven-cell pattern that provides uniform distances for channel reuse. In the model, each base station is considered to be located at the center of a hexagon, with the hexagons (or cells) labeled A through G repre-
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8-16 What challenges might I encounter if I take on this position Listen carefully. The hiring manager is telling you where you are expected to fail. Is this a challenge you can take on and at which you can reasonably hope to succeed If Superman couldn t hack it, watch out! You re being set up for failure. 8-17 What are your major concerns that need to be immediately addressed in this job Note the emphasis on the word your. This is less about the organization s agenda than the hiring manager s concerns. They may or may not be different. It won t serve you well to meet the organization s goals but not your manager s. 8-18 What are the attributes of the job that you d like to see improved This is another way of asking the hiring manager for the conditions of success. 8-19 What is your company s policy on attending seminars, workshops, and other training opportunities You want to be seen as interested in learning and gaining new skill sets. You want your organization to support those goals.
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If you intend to use a router or residential gateway on your broadband connection, you ll need to perform further configuration. Ordinarily, these devices use network address translation (NAT) to share the one IP address typically provided by the ISP with more than one computer. This functionality, combined with any firewall capabilities of the device, also helps protect your network from malicious hackers. If you end up using a router or residential gateway, you ll need to configure it to work with your ISP. Similar to configuring a standalone computer, you will need to configure the router or residential gateway either to receive its IP address via DHCP, to use PPPoE passthrough, or to use a static configuration. When using routers or residential gateways, you ll also need to configure your computers to request their configuration information from your router or residential gateway via DHCP (although your computers can be configured manually to private addresses if you want). See Adding Routers and Residential Gateways, page 51, and Getting to Know NAT, page 54, for more information on these devices as well as private IP networking. Also, consult the manual for your router or gateway device to determine how to use it with your particular ISP s configuration. Each broadband connection and broadband provider has different configuration options and instructions; therefore, always check your documentation if you are experiencing connectivity problems or if you need to make some kind of configuration change. Also, never hesitate to use the telephone technical support provided by your ISP if you are experiencing problems.
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TCP/IP applications.
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d.reportError(e, System.out);
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Interquartile Range
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11. Type OnSetLevel into setLevel1 s Invoked property and press Enter. Visual Studio adds the OnSetLevel event handler to the Workflow1 code base and switches you to the code editor. Return to the visual workflow designer once again.
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Text Conventions
In a private network, a company or government agency purchases radio frequencies and buys and operates the entire radio network infrastructure for the exclusive use of that entity. Enterprises may opt for a private network installation to ensure network availability at all times or to provide extremely high levels of security. Since the network is privately operated, bandwidth is not shared with other users as in a public network. Consequently, the network can be built to the capacity required to ensure availability and security. A well-known private radio network is the one built by Federal Express (see case studies, 4). It s an excellent example of how wireless data can provide a competitive advantage by transforming a business model to one of high effectiveness and new levels of customer interaction and satisfaction. A number of private networks now exist for enterprises, public safety organizations such as 911 and police departments, utility companies, and government agencies. Many of these networks operate in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band. Private microwave networks in the unlicensed band are commonplace used, for example, to span large geographic distances while providing ample capacity for untethered enterprise/educational applications. The private network wireless technologies available today include Ericsson s EDACS, Motorola s Private DataTAC, and Motorola s ASTRO. TETRA is another emerging private network that is gaining market share in Europe and Asia. Increasingly, though, private networks are being subsumed by higher bandwidth public networks with more efficient methods of boosting capacity (e.g., CDMA 1XRTT, GPRS, EDGE see text below). Many enterprises are enhancing private networks with existing carrier offerings (e.g., CDPD networks) to boost geographic coverage and to decrease network costs.
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Alternate adapter B List of servers for alternate adapter B
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12. A hotspot is an ecological region that has lost (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) 10% of its original habitat 20% of its original habitat 45% of its original habitat 60% of its original habitat over 70% of its original habitat
Impact of Device Proliferation
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