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Controllers are the link between models and views. They make changes to application data using models, and then call views to display the results to the user. A controller may be linked to multiple views, and it may call a different view depending on the result that is to be shown at any given time. Controllers can thus be thought of as the processing layer, responsible for responding to user actions, triggering changes in application state, and displaying the new state to the user. In the context of the application discussed earlier, controllers would be responsible for reading and validating request parameters, saving and retrieving listings using model functions, and selecting appropriate views to display listing details. So, for example, a controller would intercept a request for the most recent listings, query the ListingModel model for a list of recent entries, select an appropriate view, interpolate the entries into the view, and
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1 In Performance, ensure that System Monitor is selected in the left pane of
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If you want to continue to the next chapter, keep Visual Studio 2005 running and turn to 2. I recommend grabbing some spicy cheese crackers and a cold Diet Mountain Dew, my caffeinated beverage of choice. If you want to stop, exit Visual Studio 2005 now, save your spot in the book, and close it. (Personally, I d also reward myself with a malted beverage brewed with barley and hops, but feel free to go for any chilled beverage you prefer.)
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Absorber Regenerator
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Interception of law enforcement data on specialized mobile radio, private radio, or CDPD networks Interception of credit card authorizations over wireless networks Stealing of cellular airtime Interception of e-mail messages on wireless Internet connections Physical breach of security at unmanned base stations or other communications centers
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Computer Group Policy. When the user logs on: User System Policy. If local Group Policy changes: User local Group Policy and user System Policy. User local Group Policy and user System Policy. Computer Configuration part of Group Policy is processed when the computer starts and at designated intervals thereafter. (Period is configurable.) User Configuration part of Group Policy is processed when the user logs on. Local Group Policy only.
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US Industries Inc
Workflow Tracking
Now, we begin again. Endings are just new beginnings, so after basking in the sun of your successful virtual presentation, use the participant feedback that you have received to begin planning the next one so that it is even better.
Atmospheric Composition 59
Unlike the other buffer systems in the body, where addition or loss of hydrogen ions changes the concentration of the weak acid, in the CO2 bicarbonate system, the concentration of the weak acid (CO2) is essentially constant. This is because the partial pressure of arterial CO2 (Paco2) is regulated by our respiratory system to be about 40 mm Hg. This partial pressure corresponds to a CO2 concentration in blood of 1.2 mmol/L. Any rise or fall in Pco2 resulting from the addition or loss of hydrogen ions as depicted in Equation 9 4 is sensed by the respiratory centers in the brainstem that alter the rate of ventilation to restore the concentration. There are times when the Pco2 differs from 40 mm Hg, but this reflects activity of the respiratory system, not a change in Pco2 in response to addition or loss of hydrogen ions. Although adding or removing hydrogen ions from a source other than CO2 does not change Pco2, such changes do change the concentration of bicarbonate. Adding hydrogen ions drives the reaction in Equation 9 4 to the left and reduces bicarbonate on a nearly mole-for-mole basis. Removing hydrogen ions drives the reaction to the right and raises bicarbonate in the same way. There are many ways of adding or removing hydrogen ions, but, regardless of the process, the result is to change the concentration of bicarbonate. Let us consider the implications of such changes in bicarbonate. When any process puts hydrogen ions into the blood, most of the hydrogen ions, as we have emphasized, combine with bicarbonate (and other buffers to some extent). Now a protonated bicarbonate is simply a molecule of carbonic acid. When the concentration of carbonic acid rises, the carbonic acid dissociates into CO2 and water. The CO2 formed in this manner mixes with metabolic CO2 and is exhaled, thus restoring the concentration of CO2 and carbonic acid to their former values, but some bicarbonate has been lost. Therefore, when we add hydrogen ions by diet or some physiological process, we lose some bicarbonate but we do not change the Pco2 or concentration of carbonic acid. Suppose we remove hydrogen ions (eg, by adding strong base). CO2 and water combine to generate a hydrogen ion (replacing the one lost) and a bicarbonate. The CO2 is supplied from the enormous store of metabolic CO2. The Pco2 remains constant (if it starts to change, then ventilation adjusts to restore it). We end up with a gain in bicarbonate and no change in Pco2. Thus, addition or removal of hydrogen ion alters total-body bicarbonate. The problem of maintaining hydrogen ion balance becomes one of maintaining bicarbonate balance. For every hydrogen ion added to the body, one bicarbonate disappears; therefore, to maintain balance it is necessary to generate a new bicarbonate to replace the one that was lost. Generation of new bicarbonate is the responsibility of the kidneys.
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In general, highly structured information repositories are usually designed for process workers. These people follow a well-defined process in order to accomplish their jobs. Their roles are highly tactical: accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, shipping, HR forms processing, and the like. A structured content repository helps you streamline this process, and makes it more efficient.
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