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Each component is a bidirectional transfer device called trans. The trans device contains three ports. Ports x1 and x2 are inout ports, and port en is an input port. When port en is an H value, x1 is transferred to x2; and when port en is an L value, x2 is transferred to x1. The trans components use type fourstate for the port types; the containing entity uses type nineval. Conversion functions are required to allow the instantiation of the trans components in architecture struct of entity trans2.
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Element root = d.getRoot();
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Table 13.5 summarizes the ANSI-41 operations used by the SMS functions described in this chapter. TABLE 13.5 Use of ANSI-41 Operations for SMS
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DVD-ROM devices can read CDs or DVD-ROM discs in both UDF and FAT32 formats. DVD-R/RW devices can read CD or DVD content in both UDF and FAT32 formats, but they do not support DVD writing. DVD-RAM devices can read any CD or DVD, can write content in FAT32 format, and can read UDF and FAT32 formats. These discs cannot be read in most DVD-ROM devices.
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Nuclear Chemistry 265
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Tips for Taking the Exam
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Westfield America Trust
network with a server firewall product, the network administrator needs to configure the firewall to allow incoming access to TCP port 3389. As shown in the following illustration, the client computer accesses the remote desktop across the Internet, but the remote desktop traffic is allowed over the firewall because TCP port 3389 is open.
Listing 6.4. import;
For serial devices, to view the port being used by the scanner or camera, go to the Port Settings tab in the Scanners and Cameras Properties dialog box in Control Panel. On the Port Settings tab, you can configure the baud rate faster to speed image transfer or slower to accommodate hardware limitations. Warning Do not set the baud rate higher than the fastest speed supported by the hardware, or the image transfer will fail.
Figure 6-1 Add New Item dialog box for the creation of the splash screen
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