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Creating the Layout Template File
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Oxygen (O2)
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PathPing is a combination of the Ping and Tracert tools, and it contains options not found in Ping and Tracert. PathPing pings a host computer and traces the route to that host. When using PathPing, you ll see router hops, such as those you see with the Tracert tool, and you ll see the reply information. The advantage of PathPing is that it gives you an easy interface to see each hop and the response time from each. This can help you determine whether a particular router is congested or causing problems along the path. For each hop, you ll see a percentage of dropped packets; any hop with a high percentage of dropped packets is suspect. Figure 12-5 shows a sample PathPing session. To use this tool, type pathping host at the command prompt, where host is the URL or IP address of an Internet site or network host. You can also specify additional options on the command line to control the information you receive and the maximum number of hops allowed. Table 12-2 shows you the important options you are likely to use. To see all of the available switches, type pathping at the command prompt.
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You can use the ISA Management console to view the current ISA Sessions on your network. You can also disconnect sessions if necessary.
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Event Triggers
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Not restoring previous settings Troubleshooting several problems at one time Using incompatible or untested hardware Using incompatible software
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The Future: Public Networking, Hybrid Wireless Voice & Data
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Using the Run As Command
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Network Trade-Offs
q, as shown in the following:
Part II:
Candidate MSC #1
to enhance the methanol recovery. The IFPEXOL-2 process for acid gas removal is very similar to an amine-type process except for the operating temperatures. The absorber operates below 20 F to minimize methanol losses, and the regenerator operates at about 90 psi. Cooling is required on the regenerator condenser to recover the methanol. This process usually follows the IFPEXOL-1 process so excessive hydrocarbon absorption is not as great a problem (Minkkinen and Jonchere, 1997).
ANSI-41 Explained
A user logs on to a local computer by using credentials stored in the SAM database. Any workstation or member server can store local user accounts, but those accounts can be used to access only that local computer.
ere s a simple question: How good a driver are you Think of the other drivers you encounter on the road and estimate your driving ability on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Feel free to use any reasonable set of criteria to evaluate yourself: reaction time, years of experience, driving record, adherence to traffic rules, courtesy, maneuvering skills, and so on. After weighing these factors, what number did you assign yourself If you rated yourself a 7 or better, you are a typical respondent. If you ranked your driving skill as greater than 5, you are in the overwhelming majority. Regardless of your actual driving ability, it is highly unlikely that your self-appraisal was 4 or less. When researchers pose this question to virtually any group, the average answer is generally around 8 or 9. Think about that for a moment: On a scale of 1 to 10, the average answer is 8 or 9. In other words, a majority of participants all believe they are substantially above average which, of course, is statistically impossible.
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