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Particularly in North America, the early 2000s saw a major availability of long-haul bandwidth. Many fiber routes were reported as being utilized (lit) only 2 to 5 percent in terms of the available bandwidth on these routes. Therefore, the emphasis of VoP/VoMPLS, without the new applications, must be for local networking, where bandwidth availability remains an issue. However, this is the most difficult space to penetrate due to the size of the problem and the prevalence of the embedded base. Some observers note that although fiber/bandwidth glut may be an issue in some parts of the world, it is not an issue in all parts of the world. Table 8-3, which is derived from several ITU presentations, shows that bandwidth continues to be an issue requiring consideration. Hence, without the new applications, the emphasis of VoP/VoMPLS can also be on international networking for developing countries, where bandwidth availability also remains an issue. Table 8-4 provides some additional statistical information that sheds light on the opportunities in the voice carrier space from a voice carriage standpoint. The VoP emphasis needs to be less on new protocols and IP and more on new applications in order for the technology to be successful. The expectation of industry observers is that Internet-related equipment will continue to be deployed for the foreseeable future. The United States remains the world s main hub as of the middle of 2001, more than 80 percent of the international Internet capacity in Asia, Africa, and South America was still connected directly to a U.S. city. This growing network required 40,000 broadband switches and routers to move only the estimated 20,000 terabits per day generated by U.S. Internet traffic last year, according to Insight Research. With the network doubling every year, Insight Research
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This data is likely the single best example of market agility that combines relatively similar vertical expertise with varying macro market conditions. Market agility between education, healthcare, and the four main types of manufacturing will provide enormous resilience to system integrators and other enterprises selling into these verticals. Timing the entry and exit points of these verticals will assure maximum top-line growth and reduce swings between feast and famine cycles commonly found in most sales organizations. While, of course, durable manufacturing goods such as dishwashers and automobiles are different from nondurable goods such as pizza boxes, the general design intent and mobility investment outcomes of both are quite similar. Inventory in motion, warehousing, and robotic and hand-assembly manufacturing lines are more or less the same no matter what goods are produced. Mobility integrator firms generally don t distinguish between manufacturing subverticals; they are, at least to mobility integrators, quite similar on a technical basis. The difference of course is vital in terms of how much revenue can be generated from these subverticals; they offer enormously variable differences in how much they can be harvested. And as with any other kind of harvesting, knowing when to advance and when to retreat is essential for business resilience. From a tactical perspective, a program in pursuit of K-12 targets could involve customers that have not been contacted for five years. Consider those customers that have been assigned geographically or vertically to the top performing 10 percent of the sales force. The former SKUs sold and the delta to the current technology, plus the consulting outcome recommendations, such as network analysis and at least two elevator pitches on fast repayment scenarios per customer, should fully identify the target and fully arm the sales team to pursue it. On the manufacturing side, gaining intelligence regarding a company s management priorities involves being able to weave those concerns into a vision of what is possible immediately through technology upgrades and how fast these investments will pay off for the customer. You ll find that such advance preparation will pay off handsomely when you re working with the customer on site. (A side tip: Avoid the let me tell you about my company sales line. All that due diligence will have been sorted by the customer in advance. Such an approach is rarely a good use of time unless the client asks for specifics about your company.) As a mobility technology integrator, you can gain insight into the current political and economic climate inside the company by reviewing the company s public records. Cash-flow concerns could tip off the account team to arrive at the engagement armed with solid and attractive financing offers. Knowing the backgrounds of key players in the room by doing some research on LinkedIn or a similar site can help you in depressurizing certain points of the engagement if the talks are stalling or if transitions between topics aren t going as smoothly as they should be.
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4: Configuring Internet Connections
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into the price of your item or your handling charges, and then deliver the goods with packaging that reflects the quality and value of the product inside.
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G Terminal server. Terminal Services is a program that runs on a Terminal
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Summing It Up
Download the latest version of Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and follow the installation instructions that come with the downloaded file. You don t need to know anything about Java to run Saxon-B with the examples we show in this chapter. Take note of where you install the Java runtime. You will need to know this to execute the samples.
The first version of ANSI-41 (IS-41 Revision 0) did not explicitly define a network reference model. In fact, IS-41-0 considered only a single interface that between a visited wireless system and the subscriber s home wireless system. No decomposition of each system into switches, location registers, and other functional entities was required in IS-41-0, since only basic intersystem handoff and subscriber validation functions were specified; there was no compelling need for a network reference model given these basic standardization requirements. The first ANSI-41 network reference model (see Figure 4.5) was specified in IS-41 Revision A (IS-41-A) and was not modified until IS-41 Revision C (IS-41-C) several years later. It is interesting to note that the model was derived from the original version of the international CCITT Recommendation Q.1051, which specified the interfaces and application protocol for public land mobile networks. Only a few changes were made to the CCITT model for application to North American ANSI-41 networks.
While performing EFS tasks, users might encounter error messages. The following are the most common messages that can occur and the possible causes for them. Access is denied uations:
Intranets and the Internet
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spanned volume, this is any dynamic volume that has been extended to make it larger than its original size. When it uses portions of more than one physical disk, it is more properly referred to as a spanned volume.
Ports of Active Connected Repeaters
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