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To delete a Group Policy Object, right-click it in the Group Policy Management Console and select Delete from the shortcut menu. When you delete a GPO, all links to the GPO will also be deleted. Be sure that you are logged on to an account with sufficient permissions. Neither the Default Domain Policy nor the Default Domain Controllers Policy can be deleted.
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Humpty Dumpty
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Part 2: Internet Networking
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RFC 3034
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Data Types
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you to understand the true substance behind a press release or article in the trade press to determine between the hype and reality. The perfect example of the need to understand a wireless security issue within the true market context was the furor over the WAP Gap security issue. At the time, the industry press was full of stories about WAP security and press releases from vendors offering solutions to address the proposed problems. Unfortunately, few vendors (or the press) focused on this issue within its larger context namely, that this security issue was not particularly relevant for low-value information services like weather, and secondly that the WAP specification was an evolving specification with future releases aiming to address the security issues. By not focusing on the overall long-term picture, many vendors did the industry a disservice by utilizing the WAP security problem as a vehicle to sell more products, but in the process, these marketing campaigns turned many users away from WAP altogether. The WAP example only emphasizes the need to understand all wireless security issues in a broader market context.
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If a user has Administrator privileges, the user can interact with the Windows Firewall Notification message and directly add the application that triggered the notification message to the exception list. Whenever an application executes a TCP listen or UDP bind to a specific port, the network stack notifies Windows Firewall with both the application name and port number. If Windows Firewall is not running in No Exceptions mode and the application is on the exceptions list, the exception is automatically enabled and the port is opened. If the application is not on the exceptions list, however, a Windows Security Alert window opens and displays a notification on the user s desktop as shown in Figure 22-2. At this point, the user can choose from the following options:
Windows Messenger and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connections
Performing the Basic Tasks
Microsoft TechNet
Part of the identifying mechanism generated by Active Directory for each object in the directory. If a user or computer object is renamed or moved to a different name, the security identifier (SID), relative distinguished name (RDN), and distinguished name (DN) will change, but the GUID will remain the same. Setting of rules for computers and users. Group Policy stores policies for file deployment, application deployment, logon/logoff scripts, startup/shutdown scripts, domain security, Internet Protocol security (IPSec), and so on.
FIGURE 5.7 Coal types. (Reproduced with permission. Copyright 2000. Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky).
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