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There are wide variations both in the bitumen saturation of tar sand (0 18 percent by weight of bitumen) even within a particular deposit, and the viscosity is particularly high. Of particular note is the variation of the density of Athabasca bitumen with temperature and the maximum density difference between bitumen and water occurs at 70 to 80 C (158 176 F), hence the choice of the operating temperature of the hot water bitumenextraction process. The character of bitumen can be assessed in terms of API gravity, viscosity, and sulfur content (Table 4.4). Properties such as these help the refinery operator to gain an understanding of the nature of the material that is to be processed. Thus, initial inspection of the feedstock (conventional examination of the physical properties) is necessary. From this, it is possible to make deductions about the most logical means of refining.
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Planning for Disaster 543 550
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Part III:
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System.out.println("Cannot create URL for: " + filename);
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Financing as Strategy to Improve Business Operations
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Security logs. System logs. The system log contains information about system components. Use Event Viewer logs to determine which drivers or services did not load.
Opening IntelliSense: Typing a Period or Left Parenthesis
Expertise at social networking will shortly become as important to most workers as knowledge of standard programs such as Word, PowerPoint, e-mail, and Excel. Growth statistics from Facebook are impressive with a look at six-month growth rates ( statistics): n n n n Fastest growing segment: 35 54 year olds at 276 percent growth Second fastest growing segment: 55+ demographic at 194.3 percent growth Third fastest growing segment: 25 34 year olds with 100 percent growth Largest demographic segment: 18 24 year olds at 41 percent; notably down from 54 percent over the previous six months
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Understanding News Feed Formats
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