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Standing Out from the Crowd
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To fully benefit from the autoloader, it is also necessary to strip out all the require_ once() and include_once() function calls from your Zend Framework installation. The Zend Framework manual provides an example of a simple command-line script that can do this for you automatically. You ll find a link to the relevant manual page at the end of this chapter. It s also a good idea to rearrange your PHP include path such that the Zend Framework directory is at or near the top of the list. This is because when attempting to require() or
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44 U STEP 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
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4 In the Computer Name Changes dialog box, select Workgroup in Member
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Describe the process flow that represents the problem with words in addition to the pictures. Document today s approach and situation by gathering process flow information from the people who do the actual work; do not just use the idealized procedures that may be documented as a corporate process. Although they may know the documented procedures, effective workers, including the CEO, usually find a more efficient process for doing their jobs, and then never get around to documenting their better approaches. So you can be the one who documents these better approaches. For each process, start with the initial requests or inputs and then follow the tasks in the process until the final outputs are generated. At this stage, continue the focus on the business processes, not the underlying technology. Detailed models and data element types can come at the next stage. Only work on a narrative that indicates the flow of information and the various interfaces where information changes hands. An interface may be as sophisticated at a document management system or as simple as throwing a piece of paper over the wall to the next cubical. Information is contained in some document. Identify the document as well as the responsible party for that document. Try to break the process down into unique steps. For each step in the process, explain what the inputs and outputs are, who processes the document information, and where its destination is. But stay at the general level rather than getting buried down in the details. Implementing an XML solution for a general process is much easier than doing so for a single specific activity. Sequence the process tasks based on the original narrative. Identify specific tasks as events that depict the flow of information at any instant in time. The sequence of events should illustrate a logical flow of information that combines into a logical sequence of process tasks. At each event, an interface, either real or virtual, allows information to flow from one task to another task. Again, an interface may be as simple as a document or as complex as a transcoding system from one platform to another. However, defer technical details for physical or implementation phases. At this stage, simply list all events in the right sequence. When they occur is important to the business. How they are implemented or any technical details are not yet pertinent. For example, in a B2B procurement exchange, the EDI transaction or the XML implementation is not yet important at this stage. What is important is that a department needs an code 39 generator software
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Figure 4.6. The caps application. When you click the Browse button, the program reads in the XML document caps.xml and formats it, displaying the result as in Figure 4.7.
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default. However, if you want the entire Web page to print, you can enable this option.
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In this section, ServicePack.exe refers to generic service pack self-extracting packages used for performing network installations by corporate administrators. This generic ServicePack.exe file is a self-extracting cabinet file that can be obtained from the Microsoft Download Center ( or from Windows Update (, and it contains all the files required to install the service pack on a computer running Windows XP, including updated system files, other binary files, .inf files, .cab files, and the Update.exe setup program that starts the service pack installation process. The generic name ServicePack.exe is used because the actual naming convention used for service pack files can vary. For example, the U.S. English version of the Windows XP Service Pack 1a self-extracting package was named xpsp1a_en_x86.exe, while the package for Service Pack 2 is named WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe, where KB 835935 is the Knowledge Base article containing the release notes for SP2. Table 4-2 lists the different command-line switches available when running both ServicePack.exe and Update.exe from the command line (as far as Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 is concerned). Before using these switches, check your service pack documentation for any changes if you are deploying a more recent service pack than SP2. For more information, see KB 262841, Command-Line switches for Windows software update packages (http:// scid=kb;EN-US;262841). Note that you can prefix switches with either a dash (for example, -passive) or a slash (for example, /passive) when using them.
url = new URL(filename);
1 Welcome to a Wireless World
The RuleWrite attribute informs the rule engine that a call to SetDiscount results in the Discount property being updated. Because this then forms a dependency, the rules will be reevaluated if the SetDiscount method is called.
Like simulations, hands-on labs on rented material (usually accessible over the Internet) let you work on high-end equipment without breaking your wallet. The way these labs typically run is that you rent time on the vendors systems. Prices range from $60 on up, depending on how much time you need to complete the lab. The advantages of this method of getting hands-on experience is you can work on real equipment, much like the equipment you will eventually work on at your job. Another advantage is these labs are often structured with real-work scenarios for you to try. An added advantage is they allow the flexibility to deviate from the prescribed lab, just in case you want to try out different configuration options. The disadvantage is the cost of the experience.
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Before you can add a Windows XP Professional based computer to an existing network, you must establish client connectivity with the network. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) has become the universal network protocol suite because of its scalability and its role as an Internet standard. For all recommended tasks, it is assumed that the Windows XP Professional based computer on the Microsoft network runs IP protocol as the default network protocol. Windows XP Professional supports NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT), Windows Sockets (WinSock), and the Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange protocol (IPX/SPX). NetBT and WinSock are installed by default. IPX/SPX can be added if needed for connectivity to legacy Novell networks. For more information about the Windows XP Professional implementation of TCP/IP and IP configuration, see Configuring TCP/IP on the companion CD. For more information about network protocol installation and configuration, see TCP/IP and Other Network Protocols later in this chapter.
can ping hosts on the same subnet, the problem is with the router or default gateway, or your computer has an incorrect IP address for the router or default gateway. A Destination host unreachable message is more specific. This message means that your computer (or an intervening router) does not know how to contact the remote address. The possible explanations include
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