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Transforming Infoglut!
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Here, Name is the element whose attributes you are listing. AttDef represents the specific attribute you are defining, as we'll see. You specify the AttDef value this way: AttDef::= S %Name S %AttType S %Default
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Transactional Content Management
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made to customize an application. The application programmers were able to port the minibrowser application to IPSec using a cryptographic toolkit from a commercial vendor. The toolkit was designed to handle all the sophisticated cryptographic functions without the programmer needing to learn how to write IPSec software. Due to the highly public environment of the application, the designers chose to harden the application and use WEP and MAC access controls. A pair of VPN gateways and servers providing DHCP, DNS, and logging were set up for the entire network, serving hundreds of stores, as shown in Figure 8-9. An IDS system was also set up for network monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. The best practices include the following:
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he preceding chapter gave you a gentle introduction to the Zend Framework, by guiding you through the process of installing the framework and starting a new project. You now need to start fleshing out the application skeleton with code that makes it functional. This chapter will help you to do so, by introducing you to the fundamental design principles of a Zend Framework application and then applying this knowledge to the task of building a real-world application. So without further ado, let s jump straight in!
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Function Provide voice and video services over data networks using the H.323 protocol. Support calling conventional phones through IP-PSTN gateways and Internet audio/video calls. Provide multiple-user conference support over intranets and the Internet. Permits TAPI applications to access wide area network (WAN) devices, such as ISDN modems and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) devices, using a standard Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 5.0 interface.
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Figure 3-1 Console application
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) keeps a Web page for each XML technology specification. Some of these are well written and easy to read, and others are technical: XML Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) XML Stylesheet Language (XSL) XML Linking Language (XLink) XML Path (XPath) XML Pointers (XPointer) XML Namespaces (Namespaces) XML Schemas (Schemas) eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
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cifically for Mac OS X.
impact on its community or ecosystem is much larger and more influential than would be expected from simple abundance. mentally before looking at the answer choices. This saves time, takes you quickly past distracters, and boosts your confidence.
The ESN consists of a manufacturer s code and a serial number. There are currently two formats for the ESN. The first and most common uses a unique 8-bit manufacturer s code and a unique 24-bit serial number for that manufacturer s code. Due to the increasing number of manufacturers codes (many individual manufacturers retain multiple codes for different models of MSs), the manufacturer s code was increased as an option to a 14-bit code with an 18-bit serial number. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated the presence of the ESN in the MS, so that radio transmissions can be identified, if necessary. Since the MIN and ESN are used in conjunction to identify a subscriber uniquely for automatic roaming functions, the physical MS terminal is always tied to a wireless subscription in ANSI-41. This is a problem for subscribers who need to replace the MS, since the subscription has to be modified for the new MS with a new ESN. International Mobile Station Identity The international mobile station identity (IMSI) is a unique identifier originally standardized in CCITT Recommendation E.212. The IMSI (Figure 5.4) consists of up to 15 digits (0 9) whose structure is specified by CCITT E.212. The first three digits of the IMSI are the mobile country code (MCC), which is the country where the wireless service is provided. The remaining digits are the national mobile station identity (NMSI). The NMSI consists of two fields: the mobile network code (MNC) and the mobile station identification number (MSIN). The MNC is a 2- or 3-digit code that uniquely identifies the network to which the subscriber belongs. The MSIN is a 9-digit field that uniquely identifies a subscriber within a network within a country. One can immediately see how the IMSI improves on the MIN by providing a larger address space and a clear identification of the subscriber s home country and network.
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Here, the service object s itemSearch() method queries the Amazon Web service for a list of products matching the specified parameters, and returns an array of Zend_Service_ Amazon_Item objects, each containing information on the corresponding item. It s quite easy to iterate over this array of objects, extracting the relevant information for display.
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