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If no partitions exist on the disk, Setup creates a primary partition of the size you specified. If a single primary partition exists, Setup creates an extended partition by using the remaining contiguous, unallocated space on the disk. Setup then creates a logical drive (within the extended partition) of the size you specified. If a primary partition and an extended partition exist on the disk and no free space exists within the extended partition, Setup creates an additional primary partition of the size you specified.
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Log an event when a user exceeds a specified disk space warning level. The warning level specifies the point at which a user is nearing the quota limit. Prevent further use of disk space or log an event when a user exceeds a specified disk space limit. barcode generator
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user-transparent way. This means that any platform, such as a cell phone or a Coke machine, that provides data access, may also provide Microsoft.NET compatibility. Although the device may not use a Microsoft operating system, Microsoft does want to ensure that some part of the information chain will depend on a Microsoft product such as Microsoft.NET.
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G Allow Outgoing Destination Unreachable. This option causes the com-
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import java.applet.Applet;
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One consequence of the inefficient nature of global markets is that an even greater premium is put on active management. In an article published in the international newspaper Pension Management, authors Christopher Carabell and Elizabeth DeLalla describe the benefits active management can deliver when applied in global markets:
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Advanced Marketing Strategies
Review Questions
An external DTD can be divided into subsets called shared DTD. A subset declares some elements. Subsets are then referenced with the DTD, which inherits the element declared in the subset. You can modify elements declared in a DTD by using symbols to indicate the number of occurrences of a child element within a parent element. This enables an element to be repeated multiple times in an XML document or not be included from the XML document. You can group child elements within the declaration of the parent element, enabling you to treat the group of elements as one. Attributes are data related to an element such as a customer type. You declare attributes in an attribute list by using the keyword ATTLIST. The attribute list can specify valid values for an attribute as well as a default value. An entity is a form of reference such as an alias name. Some entities are parsed and others are unparsed. Unparsed entities begin with a special character, which the parser ignores.
passing parade. Each new element in the parade is interesting, the
Appendix A:
10. For the Failed activity s error property, type Unable to withdraw funds.
Br, I, can be substituted for chlorine Cl. F may form hypofluorous acid and the hypofluorite ion.
many other resources[md]and you can theoretically traverse (i.e., activate the link) these links from any of the linked-to resources. For example, a single extended link to a large document representing an entire book can link to many different locations in that book, such as all the uses of a specific keyword. Or you might have an extended link embedded in a scientific paper that holds all the references to that paper in other documents. An extended link's locators are placed in child elements of the linking element, each with its own set of attributes. Here's how you might declare an extended link and its child locator elements (you don't have to declare these elements as <EXTENDED> or <LOCATOR>, because those names are set in the XML-LINK attribute): <!ELEMENT EXTENDED ANY>
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