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MS-controlled handoff Network-controlled handoff MS-assisted handoff (MAHO)
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Connecting Remote Offices
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Additional Windows XP Professional deployment and pre-installation tools For more information about tools to use when deploying a service pack or other software update, see Support Tools earlier in this chapter. Checking space requirements A service pack requires a certain amount of space on your computer s hard drive for installation, storage, and to uninstall. Check your service pack documentation for space requirements, and then remember to reserve space for the Uninstall file if you want to remove the service pack later. Testing the deployment in your environment Testing a service pack in your environment can include the following steps: 1. Use a cross section of the types of computers deployed in your environment that will receive the service pack. Test computers that have a typical sample of software and hardware devices used in your organization. 2. Install your service pack on each of these computers in the same way that you expect to install it in your environment:
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Up-sells and discounted cross-sells can certainly be a part of your offer. Think volume and complementary products.
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Security Analyst Primary Responsibilities
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Authentication Verification of the iden-
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Rich gas has a high heating value and a high hydrocarbon dew point. However, the terms rich gas and lean gas, as used in the gas processing industry, are not precise indicators of gas quality but only indicate the relative amount of natural gas liquids in the gas stream. When referring to natural gas liquids in the natural gas stream, the term gallons per thousand cubic feet of gas is used as a measure of hydrocarbon richness. Thus, in the case of associated gas, crude oil may be assisted up the wellbore by gas lift (Speight, 1993, 2007b). Thus, gas is compressed into the annulus of the well and then injected by means of a gas lift valve near the bottom of the well into the crude oil column in the tubing. At the top of the well the crude oil and gas mixture passes into a separation plant that drops the pressure down to nearly atmospheric in two stages. The crude oil and water exits the bottom of the lower pressure separator, from where it is pumped to tanks for separation of the crude oil and water. The gas produced in the separators is recompressed and the gas that comes out of solution with the produced crude oil (surplus gas) is then treated to separate out the natural gas liquids that are treated in a gas plant to provide propane and butane or a mixture of the two (liquefied petroleum gas, LPG). The higher boiling residue, after the propane and butane are removed, is condensate, which is mixed with the crude oil or exported as a separate product. The gas itself is then dry and, after compression, is suitable to be injected into the natural gas system where it substitutes for natural gas from the nonassociated gas reservoir. Pretreated associated gas from other fields enters the system at this stage (Manning and Thompson, 1991). Another use for the gas is as fuel for the gas turbines on site. This gas is treated in a fuel gas plant to ensure it is clean and at the correct pressure. The startup fuel gas supply will be from the main gas system, but facilities exist to collect and treat low-pressure gas from the various other plants as a more economical fuel source.
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Account lockout duration.
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230 |
4: Network Resources
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10: Managing Network Connections
Typical Closing Costs Checklist
Figure 21-6 Using Wireless Network Setup Wizard to automatically assign encryption keys for the devices on your wireless network
Lignin intermediates Feedstock Pretreatment
This element itself has a child element, and we have to check that element as well: <DOCUMENT>
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