What Is Automatic Roaming
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How Do I Find a Speci c House
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2 Wireless Threats
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39% Enterprise Pilot Department
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When the user clicks the button, we read in the lines.xml file and call the recursive method doTree(): public boolean action (Event e, Object o){
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The HTTP Headers tab, shown in Figure 9-11 on the next page, presents four sections of configurable options: Enable Content Expiration, Custom HTTP Headers, Content Rating, and MIME Map, all of which control the contents of the headers of the HTML pages sent to clients browsing your Web site. The Enable Content Expiration section is used to keep time-sensitive information current for clients using that information. After selecting Enable Content Expiration, select Expire Immediately, Expire After (and a time interval), or Expire On (and a date and time). These options can ensure that content relating to onetime events, for example, will expire after the date they relate to passes. If the client requests a page and the expiration time has passed, the cached page is not served, but rather the server is requested for an (ostensibly) updated page.
To write messages directly to the system logger (syslogd on UNIX and the Event Viewer on Windows), use the Zend_Log_Writer_Syslog writer, as shown in the following example. Note the use of the setFacility() method, which is used to set the log event s facility, or category, for the UNIX system logger.
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Replacing CAVE with a published algorithm. Likely candidates include the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1). The new algorithm will also increase key size from 56 bits to 128 bits. SHA-1 was originally designed by the United States National Security Agency and is widely reviewed and understood. For a new authentication process, NIST is considering adopting 3GPP s AKA scheme, but asymmetric systems are also being considered.
Figure 11-8 Continued
If you want more information about Solution Explorer, you can always do a search in the Help system and product documentation. Before trying to perform a search, please read the next section; you ll learn a lot about all the information that is at your disposal.
IS-41-C added a new part, IS-41.6, that provided detailed signaling procedures to assist with the implementation of the intersystem operations. It also added support for 19 additional features (beyond the five supported by IS-41-A) and short-message services (SMS). It was backward compatible with IS-41-A and IS-41-B, and provisions were added for forward compatibility with subsequent versions. The TSBs were enhanced and rolled into the standard in the following ways:
Don t expect the property to look as clean as it did when you rst saw it. If the seller was living in the property when you rst saw it, carpets and furniture hid a lot of marks and scuf ng. Once the furniture and carpeting are removed, these stand out like sore thumbs. Dark scratch marks on walls and scrapes on oors are common. Indentations in carpeting where heavy furniture stood are also common, as is some slight discoloration. (Most of this carpet indentation will tend to disappear within a few days on its own.) What you need to look for is any signi cant breakage, damage, or other condition that was not there when you rst saw the home or when you had your professional home inspection. Also, check for any damaged or broken items that the seller did not disclose in the sales agreement or accompanying documents. What speci cally should you look for
mobile network code
1. Ensure that you are logged in as the system s root user. [user@host]# su - root 2. Extract the contents of the Apache source archive to your system s temporary directory. [root@host]# cd /tmp [root@host]# tar -xzvf /tmp/httpd-2.2.14.tar.gz 3. To enable PHP to be loaded dynamically, the Apache server must be compiled with
11.6.2 Bagasse Briquettes Surplus bagasse presents a disposal problem for many sugar factories (Keya, 2000). Briquetting technology remains simple, and involves the following steps: (a) size reduction in which the bagasse is chopped, rolled, or hammered, (b) drying in which moisture is removed by open air drying or by using forced, heated air in a large rotating drum, (c) carbonization in which the bagasse is combusted in a limited supply of oxygen in a buried pit or trench until it carbonizes into charcoal, (d) feedstock preparation in which the carbonized bagasse is mixed with a binder such as clay or molasses, (e) compaction and extrusion in which the material is passed through a machine-operated or manually-operated extruder to form rolls of charcoal, (f ) drying in which the rolls are air-dried for 1 to 3 days, causing them to break into chunks, and (g) packaging in which the briquettes are made ready for sales. 11.6.3 Sawdust Briquettes Sawdust is waste material from all types of primary and secondary wood processing. Between 10 and 13 percent of a log is reduced to sawdust in milling operations. Sawdust is bulky, and is therefore expensive to store and transport. Also, the calorific value of sawdust is quite low, so that briquetting is an ideal way to reduce the bulk, to increase the density, and thus to increase the calorific value. The equipments required for producing sawdust briquettes consist of a drier, a press and an extruder with a tapered screw, and a large revolving disk. Sawdust briquettes are formed under sufficiently high pressure to produce cohesion between wood particles. In the process, the lignin softens and binds the briquette, so no additional binder is required. The use of sawdust briquettes has several advantages, including (a) price which is usually about the same as fuel wood but is much more convenient to use as they do not require further cutting and chopping, (b) good burning characteristics in any kind of solid fuel stove and boiler, (c) quick ignition followed by clean burning and only leaving 1 to 6 percent by weight ash, (d) sulfur-free and burn without producing an odor, and (e) a heat content of approximately 18,000 kJ/kg which is almost equivalent to the heat content of medium quality coal. 11.6.4 Urban Waste Briquettes Solid waste disposal is one of the most serious urban environmental problems in developing countries. Many municipal authorities collect and adequately dispose (in places other than landfill sites) less than half of these wastes. This failure is attributed to (a) an inadequate number of landfill sites, (b) a variety of environmental regulations, (c) the absence of sufficient capacity for waste processing and recycling, and last, but not least, (d) the planned obsolescence of packaging and many of the items that form the basis of the waste (Kibwage, 2002). Open or crude dumping is the most common method used by municipal authorities. Waste poses a health hazard when it lies scattered in the streets and at the dumping sites. It is now an accepted environmental philosophy that wastes have value and should be utilized based on principles of reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle. Through recycling, urban wastes can be transformed into useful products. Waste paper and leaves, in particular, provide a potentially important, alternative source of cooking fuel.
the Internet. The context of this amount of traffic is apparent when compared to the popularity of the following: n n n n Microsoft: 20 CNN Cable News network: 60 Wal-Mart: 200 Cisco Systems: 1111
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