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7 Wireless Standards and Technologies
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Recovery Console provides a list of commands that you can use for troubleshooting. When using Recovery Console, you can view and reuse previous commands by pressing the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys, which move you forward or backward through your command history. For the list of Recovery Console commands that follow, brackets ([]) enclose optional parameters and a pipe (|) separates mutually exclusive choices. Recovery Console commands and parameters are not case sensitive. Attrib Use the attrib command to change the file attributes for a single file or folder. Use the following syntax:
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G First-party cookie. A first-party cookie is a cookie that is generated and
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want to add, such as Dial-Up To Private Network or Connect To A Private Network Through The Internet, as shown in Figure 6-3 on the next page. Click Next.
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that specific location in the page (such as the top of the page), place the cursor at the location to which you want to link, choose Bookmark from the Insert menu, type a name for the bookmark, and then click OK.
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A hierarchical, distributed database that contains mappings of DNS domain names to various types of data, such as IP addresses. DNS enables the location of computers and services by userfriendly names, and it also enables the discovery of other information stored in the database. See also domain; IP address; Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). tree structure that is used to index domain names. Domain trees are similar in purpose and concept to the directory trees used by computer filing systems for disk storage. For example, when numerous files are stored on disk, directories can be used to organize the files into logical collections. When a domain tree has one or more branches, each branch can organize domain names used in the namespace into logical collections. In Active Directory, a hierarchical structure of one or more domains, connected by transitive, bidirectional trusts, that forms a contiguous namespace. Multiple domain trees can belong to the same forest. See also Active Directory; domain; domain name; Domain Name System (DNS); forest.
Disk quotas do not prevent you from allocating more space than is available on the disk. For example, on a 40-GB volume used by 50 users, each user might be allocated 1 GB.
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What Is XML
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