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Default FTP Site. Click Properties to open the Default FTP Site Properties dialog box. You will see the same tabs as displayed in the global FTP Sites Properties dialog box, along with one additional tab, FTP Site. The FTP Site tab, shown in Figure 9-15, lets you configure the FTP site s identification, connection settings, and logging information. The Identification section contains the Description box for entering a name for the site, an IP Address box if you want to route a specific IP address to the FTP server, and a TCP Port box if you want to specify a different port for the server. The Connection section lets you set connections for the FTP Service. With IIS version 5.1 running on Windows XP Professional, the HTTP and FTP servers are limited to a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. Any attempt to set the number of simultaneous connections to a value greater than 10 will result in a licensing warning message. However, you might want to set this to a value lower than 10 so that you can reserve connections for the Web service that might otherwise be consumed by those accessing the FTP Service. You can also set the Connection Timeout value so that inactive users are disconnected after the specified interval to free up connections to others who might be waiting to gain access. The Enable Logging option, if selected, logs the activities of those accessing your FTP server. You can also choose the format of the log file and its location. (As with the HTTP server, proper use and examination of these logs is critical to server security.) Also, the Current Sessions button can be clicked to reveal the users that are currently attached to the FTP server.
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Explain how you would use a table of random digits to help obtain a systematic sample of 10% of the names on a alphabetical list of voters in a community. Is this a random sample Is it a simple random sample The Literary Digest Magazine, in 1936, predicted that Alf Landon would defeat Franklin Roosevelt in the presidential election that year. The prediction was based on questionnaires mailed to 10 million of its subscribers and to names drawn from other public lists. Those receiving the questionnaires were encouraged to mail back their ballot preference. The prediction was off by 19 percentage points. The magazine received back some 2.3 million ballots from the 10 million sent out. What are some of the things that might have caused the magazine to be so wrong (the same techniques had produced accurate predictions for several previous elections) (Hint: Think about what was going on in the world in 1936.) Interviewers, after the 9/11 attacks, asked a group of Arab Americans if they trust the administration to make efforts to counter anti-Arab activities. If the interviewer was of Arab descent, 42% responded yes and if the interviewer was of non-Arab descent, 55% responded yes. What seems to be going on here There are three classes of statistics at your school, each with 30 students. You want to select a simple random sample of 15 students from the 90 students as part of an opinion-gathering project for your social studies class. Describe a procedure for doing this. Question #1 stated, in part: You are interested in the extent to which ingesting vitamin C inhibits getting a cold. You identify 300 volunteers, 150 of whom have been taking more than 1000 mg of vitamin C a day for the past month, and 150 of whom have not taken vitamin C at all during the past month. You record the number of colds during the following month for each group and find that the vitamin C group had significantly fewer colds. Explain the concept of confounding in the context of this problem and give an example of how it might have affected the finding that the vitamin C group had fewer colds. A shopping mall wants to know about the attitudes of all shoppers who visit the mall. On a Wednesday morning, the mall places 10 interviewers at a variety of places in the mall and asks questions of shoppers as they pass by. Comment on any bias that might be inherent in this approach.
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to be executed on the host processor, such as a PC, or implemented on a modem chip. Hence, this chapter examines these standards in some level of detail. At the other end of the quality spectrum, ITU-T Recommendation G.722 is an audio encoding/decoding standard that provides 7-kHz audio bandwidth at 64 Kbps. It is intended for conferencing applications. G.722 has been fully implemented on a single DSP. The coding system uses subband ADPCM (SB-ADPCM). The input signal to the coder is digitized using a 16-bit A/D sampled at 16 kHz. Output from the encoder is 8 bits at an 8-kHz sample rate for 64 Kbps, which can be stored to disk for later playback. The decoder operates in exactly the opposite fashion. An 8-bit coded input signal is decoded by the SB-ADPCM decoders. The result is a 16-kHz sampled output. The overall compression ratio of the G.722 audio coder is 4 to 1.102 G.722, designed for high-quality speech applications in the telecommunications market, can be used in a variety of applications, including audio coding for medium-quality audio systems. The GSM-FR Speech Coder (ITU-T RPE-LTP) provides encoding 8-kHz sampled speech signals for transmission at a rate of 13 Kbps. The encoder compresses linear-PCM narrowband speech input data, and uses the RPELTP algorithm. The GSM-FR coder has been optimized to compress speech to the highest quality. The primary applications of this coder are in DCME, satellite telephony, and wireless standards such as PACS, DECT, and PHP (Japan). Table 2-10 depicts some additional complexity measures of these algorithms.103
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Circuit Switched Networks
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1. the minimum energy required to initiate a reaction 2. the minimum energy required for a nonspontaneous reaction 3. The average_____________is the same for any ideal gas at a given temperature. 4. the energy released when the gaseous ions combine to form an ionic solid 5. Given the following information: C(s) + O2(g) CO2(g) H = 393.5 kJ H2(g) + (l/2) O2(g) H2O(l) H = 285.8 kJ
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3. Click the > button next to the Text box to select insertion strings or modify the text. 4. Select the Schedule tab to set days and times the action can be taken. (The default is to run all the time.) On the General tab, you can give the action a descriptive name and also type in comments, a description, or other information. 5. Click OK when finished.
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