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To learn more about performance optimization, and to download some of the tools mentioned in this chapter, consider visiting the following links: The Zend_Cache component, at The Zend_Db_Profiler component, at Information on Doctrine caching, at Information on MySQL performance optimization, at Strategies for Zend Framework performance optimization, at ApacheBench documentation, at WCAT, at tabid=34&i=1466&g=6 Xdebug, at Webgrind, at Wincachegrind, at Kcachegrind, at The PEAR Benchmark package, at Memcached, at The PHP memcached extension, at The Imind Doctrine profiler, at A discussion of profiling PHP scripts with Xdebug and Webgrind (Anant Garg), at Although you ve reached the end of this book, it should be clear that your Zend Framework odyssey is far from over if anything, it s only just beginning! The preceding chapters have given you the grounding necessary to begin creating your own high-quality Zend Framework applications. The rest is up to you and your imagination. Good luck, and happy coding!
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5 To reverse the process, repeat steps 1 4 but type the command ipv6
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Figure 5-2 Protocol stack for VoP/VoMPLS (data/user plane).
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The pundits of globalization would have us believe that the world is becoming an increasingly homogenous place, but in reality, each country still has a distinct identity and set of cultural mores. These differences exist both at the perceptual level for example, the Italians are perceived as having a keen eye for fashion, while the French are perceived as a nation of gourmets and in more prosaic cultural artifacts such as language, currency, measurements, and calendars. For example, in the United States, July 4th 2011 would be written as 7/4/2011, while in India the same date would be expressed as 4/7/2011. Similarly, distances are expressed in kilometers in Germany, France, Italy, India, and many other countries, while they are expressed in miles in the United States. Localization is the process of adapting an application to the conventions of a particular geographic region, country, and/or language. This might be as simple as ensuring that dates, times, and currencies are displayed in the correct format for the selected region, or as complex
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The key to customer retention and service is easy if you think of your business as a dialog with your customers and prospects. When you sustain a valuable conversation, you stay connected and available for whatever opportunity may materialize. Nobody knows where the next great business opportunity is going to come from. It could come from: A partner A friend A business acquaintance Someone who was just forwarded your newsletter An ancient customer Someone looking over the shoulder of the person reading your newsletter A prospect
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create a table named Product, you can have a column named ProductID that is set as an identity, and you can set the identity seed to 1 with an identity increment to 1. When the first row is created in the Product table, the ProductID will be generated by the RDBMS and set to 1. The following row will have a ProductID that is set to 2, and so forth. Should be as small as possible but large enough to support the number of rows it will represent. Is immutable, meaning its value should never change. Is also a natural key when the key has a logical relationship with the rest of the columns in the table. For example, if you had a book table, the ISBN number could be used as a primary key because it uniquely identifies one book. It would be an advantage compared with a generated key because it would take less space and has to exist anyway! Is also used to relate two tables together. In our Product table example, ProductID is the primary key. At design time, it will also be an identity. You can claim that the product number could be a primary key and you could be right but in certain scenarios a product number could be used twice. For example, suppose you have product #FG-001 with a revision 1.0. In time, you change the product because of customer complaints and give it a revision 2.0. You want your customers to continue to order the same product number for many business reasons. In your database, you would retire the product revision 1.0 by perhaps changing a column named Active, and you would then add another row in your table with the new product details, including revision 2.0, and set it to Active. Why can t you use the same row Let s assume that six months after creating the new product revision, you want to create a graph to determine whether your changes to the product mean you had fewer returns from your customers. It would be difficult to come up with good data if you had only one row for the product, but it would be fairly easy to do if you have two rows because they would be unique in the database, with each having a different ProductID. In the OrderDetail table, you have a composite primary key that is a combination of OrderID and OrderDetailID. This means these two columns would ensure the uniqueness of a row in the OrderDetail table. In the OrderHeader table, OrderID is the primary key.
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security information. Completing the To Do List configures some of all three elements.
Figure 7 8. Relation between sodium and extracellular fluid (ECF) Normal volume. Each large rectangle repreICF ECF sents total-body water divided into an ICF (open areas) and ECF (shaded areas). The ECF is further subdivided into interstitial and plasma volumes. Excess interstitial Excess sodium is almost always acsodium and water companied by water, so that excess ICF ECF sodium causes an expansion of the ECF volume. If there is no change in osmolality, as shown in the middle Excess example, the expansion is entirely interstitial sodium in the ECF and there is no change in only ICF ECF ICF volume. If there is excess sodium without excess water, as shown in the bottom example, water is drawn from the ICF to maintain equal osmolalities between compartments. In both cases of excess sodium, the increase in ECF volume causes an increase in both plasma and interstitial volumes. ICF, intracellular fluid; ECF, extracellular fluid.
Beware of Overbuilt Homes
Folder redirection Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) A domain name that includes the names of all network domains leading back to the root to clearly indicate a location in the domain namespace tree. Examples of an FQDN are sbssrv.example.local or
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