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as Adjusted Market Capitalization = market capitalization growth adjusted for change in equity. Source: A.T. Kearney
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Throughout the book we are going to discus different kinds of content management systems, content infrastructure, content-centric applications, external applications, security measures, and other content-related topics. Some of these topics may be common knowledge to ECM practitioners; others reflect the future strategy behind Oracle s ECM product line and may therefore be new concepts. Throughout the book, we will guide you towards creating a pragmatic content management strategy for your organization. Before doing so, you will need to be able to answer several key questions about your information management needs in several key areas. You needn t have answers to all these questions right now; however, you will need to create a team that can find these answers.
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9: Building Your Own Weather Tracker Application
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Ideally, these and other functions should be available from the same network management system, which treats the entire network as a single
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Compare cash flows rather than reported earnings. Although cash flow per share requires adjustment for differing accounting methods, the statistic is generally more comparable than earnings. Comparing international book values is meaningless unless you interpret the underlying accounting principles in each case. Even under U.S. GAAP, accounting book values rarely reflect true market asset values. Dividends tell the real story. If you compare a U.S. company with a non-U.S. company in the same field and both have similar business fundamentals, the non-U.S. company with a 6 percent dividend yield could be a better buy than the U.S. company yielding 3 percent. Dividends are paid in hard, cold cash, leaving no room for accounting interpretations. Some countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, are more conservative than others when it comes to reporting earnings. Some overseas companies, particularly when reporting extraordinary earnings from sales of subsidiaries or real estate, may report these earnings less conservatively than they would under U.S. GAAP standards. Tax considerations affect the way in which non-U.S. companies report their earnings. In Germany and Switzerland, tax authorities do not permit businesses to maintain two sets of books. The shareholders and the tax authorities receive identical earnings reports. Therefore, reports to shareholders minimize earnings to avoid a heavier tax bite. Under U.S. GAAP, net income before taxes as reported to shareholders often differs from net income as computed on the company s tax return. A U.S. company could, for instance, use one depreciation schedule for reporting to its stockholders and a different set for reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.
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3.3.2 Distillation Distillation was the first method by which petroleum was refined. In the early stages of refinery development, when illuminating and lubricating oils were the main products, distillation was the major and often only refinery process. At that time gasoline was a minor, but more often unwanted, product. As the demand for gasoline increased, conversion processes were developed because distillation could no longer supply the necessary quantities of this volatile product. It is possible to obtain fuels ranging from gaseous materials taken off at the top of the distillation column to a nonvolatile residue or reduced crude (bottoms), with correspondingly lighter materials at intermediate points. The reduced crude may then be processed by vacuum or steam distillation in order to separate the high-boiling lubricating oil fractions without the danger of decomposition, which occurs at high (>350 C, >662 F) temperatures. Atmospheric distillation may be terminated with a lower boiling fraction (cut) if it is felt that vacuum or steam distillation will yield a better-quality product, or if the process appears to be economically more favorable. Not all crude oils yield the same distillation products and the nature of the crude oil dictates the processes that may be required for refining. Atmospheric Distillation. The distillation unit is a collection of distillation units but, in contrast to the early battery units, a tower is used in the modern-day refinery (Fig. 3.3) and brings about an efficient degree of fractionation (separation). The feed to a distillation tower is heated by flow through pipes arranged within a large furnace. The heating unit is known as a pipe still heater or pipe still furnace, and the heating unit and the fractional distillation tower make up the essential parts of a distillation unit or pipe still. The pipe still furnace heats the feed to a predetermined temperature usually a
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Injection attacks occur when an attacker adds data to an existing connection in order to hijack the connection or maliciously send data or commands. An attacker can manipulate control messages and data streams by inserting packets or commands to a base station and vice versa. Inserting control messages on a valid control channel can result in the disassociation or disconnection of users from the network. Injection attacks can be used for DoS. An attacker can also flood the network access point with connect messages, tricking the network access point into exceeding a maximum limit, thereby denying authorized users access to the network. Bait-and-switch attacks or midstream insertion
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