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11: Authentication Functions
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9 Enabling Secure Wireless Access to Data
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DVDs provide the following benefits:
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That's it for this chapter. Here, we've expanded our abilities in writing XML browsers considerably. We've seen how to handle text of different font weights and sizes, and we've seen how to create graphical XML browsers that create figures such as circles, ellipses, lines, and rectangles. In the next chapter, we'll increase our XML skills further as we work with XML image handling.
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In the non-GSM regions (notably the United States), network operators are also preparing next-generation wireless networks based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The 2.5G equivalent for CMDA operators is a technology called CDMA2000 1xRTT (usually abbreviated as CDMA2000 1x), which will offer transmission rates in excess of 64 Kbps. These services do not require additional radio spectrum, but true 3Gbased CDMA networks require additional capacity. Figure 11-1 provides a map of the general evolution from 2G to 3G networks for both GSM and CDMA operators. Having paid for hefty fees for the spectrum, network operators are eager to launch 3G services to generate revenues to help offset 3G costs. In each major global geographic region, 3G efforts are underway and all at various levels of deployment. Table 11-1 summarizes the current status of 3G networks worldwide as of the spring of 2002; the following section provides more detail on each region. Table 11-1 is not all-inclusive of every operator in every region. It merely highlights the most significant activity and differences from region to region. Japan Japan is the undisputed worldwide leader in deploying 3G services. The runaway success NTT DoCoMo i-mode service has given Japan a key edge over every other geographic region a large user base willing and demanding wireless data services. NTT DoCoMo first launched its 3G service in October 2001 in limited metropolitan regions. Called Freedom of Mobile
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SME-A s serving system SMD-REQ 2 SMDBACK
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Quality of Service (QoS)
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In a diffserv domain (RFC 2475), all the IP packets crossing a link and requiring the same diffserv behavior are said to constitute a BA. At the ingress node of the diffserv domain, the packets are classified and marked with a DSCP that corresponds to their BA. At each transit node, the DSCP is used to select the PHB that determines the scheduling treatment and, in some cases, drop probability for each packet. The Internet Draft discussed in this section specifies a solution for supporting the diffserv BAs whose corresponding PHBs are currently defined
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Transforming Infoglut!
What Is a Database , 150 Using SQL Server 2005 Express in Visual C# Express Edition, 158 What Are ADO.NET, Data Binding, and LINQ , 171
U Scoring Sheet for Practice Exam 1
Purpose and Description of a Network Reference Model
Mobility and Intelligent Buildings
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Invitation delivery method (by means of e-mail or instant message notification) Time until expiration (in hours, minutes, or days) Password protection feature (optional)
4. Just prior to the ExternalDataExchange attribute (which you should find decorating the interface), insert the CorrelationParameter attribute:
Appendix A Glossary of Wireless Terms Index
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