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ELECTRIC, GAS AND WATER DISTRIBUTION Seagram Co Ltd Motion Picture Production and Distribution Jun-00 Jan-00 Sep-99 Jun-00 Aug-00 Feb-00 Sep-00 Aug-99 Nov-96 Sep-99 Dec-97 Feb-99 Sep-00 Apr-98 Feb-00 Jan-98 Mar-99 Mar-98 Dec-96 Sep-98 Dec-98 Oct-99 Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Oil and Gas; Petroleum Refining Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Construction Firms Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Chemicals and Related Products Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Jun-96 Aug-96 Oct-99 Jun-98 Oct-92 Feb-00 Oct-96 Sep-95 Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Oil and Gas; Petroleum Refining Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Holding Companies, Except Banks Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Chemicals and Related Products Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Advertising Services Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Electric, Gas and Water Distribution Coastal Corp VIAG AG Canal Plus SA GPU Inc Columbia Energy Group Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc Florida Progress Corp PanEnergy Corp Unicom Corp Central & South West Corp Consolidated Natural Gas Co Thames Water PLC Societe Generale de Belgique LG&E Energy Corp NOVA Corp of Alberta Ltd New Century Energies Inc Havas SA LILCO Southern Electric PLC New England Electric System MCN Energy Group Inc Tenneco Energy Resources Corp NorAm Energy Corp VEW AG East Midlands Electricity (DR) Bayernwerk AG Montedison (Cie de Partecipazi) Pacific Enterprises Inc Norweb PLC
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acids into hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and acetate. Finally, the methanogenic bacteria produce biogas from acetic acid, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. The process of anaerobic digestion occurs in a sequence of stages involving distinct types of bacteria. Hydrolytic and fermentative bacteria first break down the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats present in biomass feedstock into fatty acids, alcohol, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, and sulfides. This stage is called hydrolysis (or liquefaction). Next, acetogenic (acid-forming) bacteria further digest the products of hydrolysis into acetic acid, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Methanogenic (methane-forming) bacteria then convert these products into biogas. The combustion of digester gas can supply useful energy in the form of hot air, hot water, or steam. After filtering and drying, digester gas is suitable as fuel for an internal combustion engine, which, combined with a generator, can produce electricity. Future applications of digester gas may include electric power production from gas turbines or fuel cells. Digester gas can substitute for natural gas or propane in space heaters, refrigeration equipment, cooking stoves, or other equipment. Compressed digester gas can be used as an alternative transportation fuel. Thus, there are three principal byproducts of anaerobic digestion: (a) biogas, (b) acidogenic digestate, and (c) methanogenic digestate. Biogas is a gaseous mixture comprising mostly of methane and carbon dioxide, but also containing a small amount of hydrogen and occasionally trace levels of hydrogen sulfide. Biogas can be burned to produce electricity, usually with a reciprocating engine or microturbine. The gas is often used in a cogeneration arrangement, to generate electricity and use waste heat to warm the digesters or to heat buildings. Since the gas is not released directly into the atmosphere and the carbon dioxide comes from an organic source with a short carbon cycle, biogas does not contribute to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations; because of this, it is considered to be an environment friendly energy source. The production of biogas is not a steady stream; it is highest during the middle of the reaction. In the early stages of the reaction, little gas is produced because the number of bacteria is still small. Toward the end of the reaction, only the hardest to digest materials remain, leading to a decrease in the amount of biogas produced. The second by-product (acidogenic digestate) is a stable organic material comprised largely of lignin and chitin, but also of a variety of mineral components in a matrix of dead bacterial cells; some plastic may be present. This resembles domestic compost and can be used as compost or to make low-grade building products such as fibreboard. The third by-product is a liquid (methanogenic digestate) that is rich in nutrients and can be an excellent fertilizer dependent on the quality of the material being digested. If the digested materials include low-levels of toxic heavy metals or synthetic organic materials such as pesticides or polychlorobiphenyls, the effect of digestion is to significantly concentrate such materials in the digester liquor. In such cases further treatment will be required in order to dispose of this liquid properly. In extreme cases, the disposal costs and the environmental risks posed by such materials can offset any environmental gains provided by the use of biogas. This is a significant risk when treating sewage from industrialised catchments. Nearly all digestion plants have ancillary processes to treat and manage all of the byproducts. The gas stream is dried and sometimes sweetened before storage and use. The sludge liquor mixture has to be separated by one of a variety of ways, the most common of which is filtration. Excess water is also sometimes treated in sequencing batch reactors (SBR) for discharge into sewers or for irrigation. Digestion can be either wet or dry. Dry digestion refers to mixtures which have a solid content of 30 percent or greater, whereas wet digestion refers to mixtures of 15 percent or less.
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If the computers on your subnet cannot connect to another subnet, the default gateway is either wrong or not configured on those client computers. Use Ipconfig, and type ipconfig /all at the command prompt to see if a gateway is configured. Repeat this step on the computers on the other side of the router to make sure they too are properly configured. If the correct gateway is configured on all systems, the gateway (router) might be down or experiencing some problems.
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better spectrum allocation, better signal quality, an easy interface with ISDN-based landline services, and most importantly, better security.
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North West Water Group PLC
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53. Toxic pollutants trapped indoors and mixed with mold spores has led to (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) fungi remediation decreased sick days sick building syndrome greater productivity construction fines
The assignment to len1 assigns the value of the number of elements in array type bit4. The assignment to len2 assigns the value of the number of elements of type bit_strange. This attribute also works with enumerated-type ranges, as shown by the following example:
LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE WORK.p_time_pack.ALL; ENTITY inv IS GENERIC( mode : t_time_mode; delay_tab : t_time_rec := (( 1 ns, 2 ns), -- min (( ( 2 ns, 3 ns), -- typ (( ( 3 ns, 4 ns))); -- max PORT( a : IN std_logic; PORT( b : OUT std_logic); END inv; ARCHITECTURE inv_gen OF inv IS BEGIN inv_proc : PROCESS(a) VARIABLE state : std_logic; BEGIN state := NOT(a); b <= state after calc_delay( state, mode, delay_tab); END PROCESS inv_proc; END inv_gen; LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE WORK.p_time_pack.ALL; ENTITY and3 IS GENERIC( mode : t_time_mode; delay_tab : t_time_rec := (( 2 ns, 3 ns), -- min (( ( 3 ns, 4 ns), -- typ (( ( 4 ns, 5 ns))); -- max PORT( a1, a2, a3 : IN std_logic; PORT( o1 : OUT std_logic); END and3; ARCHITECTURE and3_gen OF and3 IS BEGIN and3_proc : PROCESS( a1, a2, a3 ) VARIABLE state : std_logic; BEGIN state := a1 AND a2 AND a3; o1 <= state after calc_delay( state, mode, delay_tab); END PROCESS and3_proc; END and3_gen;
Figure 15.13 OTASP call redirection from an initial CSC to a desired CSC. (1) The subscriber has established the call to the initial CSC from the serving system. (2) Local address information is used to determine that the call should be attached to another CSC. This address information is transferred from the initial CSC to the initial OTAF using a proprietary protocol. (3) The initial OTAF launches a ROUTREQ message to the desired OTAF, to begin the call redirection process. This message contains the identity of the MS, the MSC ID, and the billing ID. The billing ID is used to inform the OTAF to which CSC the call should be completed. (4) The desired OTAF responds back to the initial OTAF using the routreq message containing the destination digits parameter. This
Figure 18-6
caution The Dial option and the Include The Area Code option at the bottom of the New
The Semantic Web data model relates directly to the model of relational databases. A relational database consists of tables, which consist of rows and columns. Each row consists of a set of data. The row and data are similar to an XML data element node with the data values. The mapping is direct: a row is an XML node; the data element name is a logical data element; and the data is a physical value. The Semantic Web facilitates linking the data to many different models. It enables the addition of information from different databases on the Web and thus allows sophisticated operations to be performed across them.
Steps 7, 8, and 9 are closely woven details for using an XML document. It is not necessary to use all steps or even use them in order. However, each step provides useful experience. The output of a DOM is a hierarchy that is useful for other applications that locate data and relationships within the XML document.
Figure 2-3 eBay Stores main page
Data warehousing systems are developed using well-structured information that is similar to the foundation of XML documents. Also, XML provides meta-data that enables the user to search for exactly the term, in context, germane to his requirements. For example, a user wanting information on currency can specify the type and country, while excluding terms that are of no interest. The XML-based search engine will locate the correct information and exclude other information based on the data element tags and document hierarchy. A seductive power of XML is the ability to search distributed XML documents, then create virtual documents that satisfy the query. This function is vaguely similar to how a conventional search engine works with HTMLbased Web pages. However, the conventional search engine function relies
Several pencils and an eraser that does not leave smudges. Black or blue colored pens for use on the free-response section. A watch so that you can monitor your time. You never know if the exam room will, or will not, have a clock on the wall. Make sure you turn off the beep that goes off on the hour. A calculator that you have used during your preparation for the exam. Do not bring a new or unfamilar calculator. Your school code. Your photo identification and social security number. Tissues. Your quiet confidence that you are prepared and ready to rock and roll.
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