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Tele-Communications Inc
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At the command line, type Whoami You can use the following command-line options to customize the results you receive from whoami:
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enue increased 20 percent, profit margins widened, and customer satisfaction improved. However, as the company grew and the stock price rose, EDS may have become overly optimistic while bidding for new contracts, incorporating excessive cost reductions or discretionary add-on revenue into its projections. In 2002, amid widespread concerns over corporate accounting improprieties, market participants questioned the disparity between EDS s reported income and free cash flow. Additionally, the company announced that it would miss third-quarter earnings targets by 85 percent largely because of a sluggish economy and reduced spending for add-on work for existing client contracts. Following this announcement, the shares fell 55 percent then another 30 percent a couple of days later. Upon a thorough investigation, a value investor may have recognized the broader market s potential overreaction to the company s accounting methodology and earnings shortfall. At that time, market participants largely avoided companies with a hint of accounting improprieties. However, it is precisely these types of default judgments upon which the value investor looks to capitalize. While it s probable that many of EDS s large projects were less profitable than the market (and management) expected, these could be worked through in time. More important, the market was offering EDS stock at a price that didn t require all of the firm s projects to be profitable. An astute value investor seeks to invest in these types of companies on occasions when the profitability of some projects is questioned and problems arise. On those occasions, not only is there likely a stock price overreaction, but management then tends to focus intently on preventing those problems again. In EDS s case, the firm had a solid history of creating value through a cycle, and therefore the stock s sharp pullback presented a buying opportunity. The shares fell to a little over $10 per share in October 2002, but then climbed to $17 within 3 months, a rebound of more than 70 percent. Such short-term price rebounds are not necessarily typical. Further, EDS s stock price may vary considerably. A turnaround situation such as this often progresses in fits and starts rather than smoothly, but this should be of little concern to the long-term value investor.
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Startup Files
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You will soon create a new design layout in the form designer. In doing so, you ll be creating what the application contains and how its content is presented when the user executes the application. To accomplish this phase of a project, you typically do not need to type a great deal of code; as explained later in this chapter, Visual Studio takes care of this code for you. You have to worry mostly about how your application looks. When you re done designing all the visual aspects to your liking, your next task usually involves attaching the source code to your visual layout so that your application reacts to and acts upon the user s input. In this chapter, you will complete the basic layout. You will learn more advanced layout techniques in following chapters. Let s start the Web browser project now.
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Enumerate the types of security hazards that affect your enterprise, including what poses the threats and how significant these threats are.
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9 Users, Groups, and Security
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The XPath specification outlines the syntax for defining an XML document s precise location information down to the tag level or even down to individual characters in a text element. Both XSLT and XPointer use XPath to access nodes within an XML document. XPath operates on the details of the logical structure of an XML document, and it supports basic string manipulation. Traversing the internal hierarchy of an XML document, it uses the logical tree structure to locate pertinent tags or predefined text elements. XPath operates on the internal structures of XML documents and provides detailed references to data elements, attributes, text strings, as well as other document nodes within a specific XML document. A simple functional hierarchy describes the relationships among XLink, XPointer, and XPath. XLink manages external links and interdocument connections. Control is passed to XPointer to manage access to information components within an XML document or resource. XPath manages the specific address for locating information components within an XML document. For example, to connect two or more XML documents, a developer uses XLink. To obtain specific information with an XML document, the developer also uses XPointer and XPath. To access specific tags or text elements within a single XML document, then the developer uses XPath. To collect components and fragments from multiple documents in order to create a virtual document, then the developer uses all three specifications. XPath uses a path-based syntax that is reminiscent of URLs and paths in Unix. It defines the navigation process through an XML document using a specific set of nodes. The XPath specification defines node types such as root, element, attribute, text, comment, processing instruction, and namespace nodes. It provides an efficient syntax for specifying a location within an XML document. Developers can use XPath rather than programming instructions to climb the XML document tree structure. In addition, the XPath syntax supports other XML technologies such as XSLT, XPointer, and XLink. Finally as the specifications for XML grow and mature, the specifications for XPath will also change
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4: Configuring Internet Connections
Why don t you simply specify hard links to the YUI JavaScript and CSS files in the master layout, instead of using the headScript() and headLink() view helpers The YUI files are only needed for certain view scripts. Since these files are read from a remote host over HTTP, it s suboptimal to create hard links to them in the master layout, because it would result in these files being requested on every page load. This adds unnecessary overhead and increases the number of seconds a user has to wait before the page is completely loaded. Using the view helpers makes it possible to load these files only when needed, producing a better user experience and improving performance.
Define Virtual Host Settings
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