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Assertions of severity level error are used to alert the designer of conditions that will cause the model to work incorrectly, or not work at all. If the result of a calculation was supposed to return a positive value, but instead returned a negative value, depending on the operation, this could be considered an error. Assertions of severity level failure are used to alert the designer of conditions within the model that can have disastrous effects. An example of such a condition was discussed in the EXIT statement section. Division by 0 is an example of an operation that could cause a failure in the model. Another is addressing beyond the end of an array. In both cases, the severity level failure can let the designer know that the model is behaving incorrectly. The severity level is a good method for classifying assertions into informational messages to the designer that can describe conditions during execution of the model. The ASSERT statement is currently ignored by synthesis tools. Because the ASSERT statement is used mainly for exception handling while writing a model, no hardware is built.
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Strong acids completely dissociate (ionize) in water. Weak acids partially dissociate and establish an equilibrium system. But as shown in Figure 15.1 there is a large range of weak acids based upon their ability to donate protons. Consider the general weak acid, HA, and its reaction when placed in water: HA(aq) + H 2O(1) H3O+ (aq) + A (aq)
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ANSI-41 network node (e.g., an MSC) ANSI-41 application services
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Tips for Taking the Exam 49
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or has no way of knowing how to route traffic to that remote address. The latter reason is usually due to a misconfiguration of the router.
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Authentication Methods
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From Data Pipes to Analytical Potential
In this chapter, the netlist output from the synthesis tool was read by the place and route tool, and an implementation of the netlist was generated. We examined the process required to run the place and route tool, the inputs to the place and route tool, and the outputs from it. In the next chapter, we examine how to verify that the design created from the place and route tool meets our requirements.
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You must have administrative permissions on the local computer to install or run Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack. For security reasons, Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack should be uninstalled if the Windows XP Professional computer is to be used by a non-administrator. In addition, you should be aware of specific security requirements for each tool. Note also that the default configuration for Windows Firewall on computers running Windows XP Service Pack 2 prevents certain Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 administrative tools from remotely managing these computers. (See article 840634, You receive an Access denied or The network path was not found error message when you try to remotely manage a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2, in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at http://support.microsoft.com for more information.
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