U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High in .net C#

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94 U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
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The InsertBefore() Function
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IP address returned
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G Socket number. The socket number identifies a process running on an IPX
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Telephony application programming interface (TAPI) settings page. This page is displayed only if a modem or a new modem device exists on the computer. Date and time settings. Networking settings. Workgroup or computer domain.
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Wireless Mobility
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users nationwide, but Motorola and Palm also offer interactive messaging devices. The success of the stand-alone solutions is not by accident. These stand-alone solutions have been optimized for e-mail, meaning that the devices offer better ergonomics and user interfaces than multipurpose devices. Nonetheless, these stand-alone solutions create other problems. For one, they may require end users to carry another device in addition to their cell phone. This creates potential headaches for the end users and does not fully utilize the large installed base of wireless phones in use within the enterprise. Secondly, most wireless data networks do not have as large of a network footprint as the cellular networks, meaning that potential disruptions in service (and therefore the ability to send/receive e-mail) are going to be higher in a stand-alone solution than in a proxy approach. Table 9-4 summarizes some of the key differences between the two approaches. These criteria are not all-inclusive but merely highlight some of the key issues to consider as part of any wireless project. Ultimately, the decision about which application to pilot will be driven by a host of factors, including the economy, market, and geography. However, answering these questions early in the process will help you determine which wireless solution is best suited for your business. Figures 9-3 and 9-4 display the various configurations for wireless messaging. The proxy method generally requires less capital investment, mainly because users can utilize existing cell phones, thereby saving the cost of purchasing an additional device. However, the configuration of the
5. When diagramming an electrochemical cell, be sure the electrons go from anode to cathode. 6. Be sure that for a galvanic cell, the cell potential is greater than 0. 7. Be sure to label the anode as ( ) and the cathode (+) in a galvanic cell. 8. In cell notation, be sure to write anode, anode compartment, salt bridge, cathode compartment, cathode in this specific order. 9. When using a multiplier to equalize electron loss and gain in reduction half-cell potentials, do not use the multiplier on the voltage of the half-cell. 10. When using the Nernst equation, be sure to use the correct form of the reaction quotient, products over reactants, and each concentration raised to the power the same as the coefficient in the balanced reaction.
Enabling Shadow Copies
State-Based Workflows
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7. On the SharePoint Access page, specify the user s roles on your SharePoint site. 8. On the Address Information page, supply address information. 9. On the Disk Quotas page, set a limit of hard drive space that the user can fill on the Windows Small Business Server. (See 8, Storage Management, for more about the pros and cons of disk quotas.) 10. On the Set Up Client Computer page, specify whether to set up a client computer for the user. The wizard creates a computer account with the user s name plus a number though you can type in a different name. (If you choose not to set up a computer, the configuration of the user account is summarized and the wizard is complete.) 11. On the Client Applications page, select the applications you want installed on the client computer. (See 12, Managing Computers on the Network, for details about assigning applications to client computers.) 12. On the Mobile Client And Offline Use page (Figure 9-6), select the options to install on this client. If the client computer is going to travel, install Connection Manager so that the user can connect to the Windows Small Business Server remotely. Install ActiveSync to allow devices such as Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Edition to synchronize with the client computer and with the Windows Small Business Server.
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