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Multiple Choice
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Sometimes, especially if your virtual presentation is attended by a large number of people (several hundred), you may select a producer to handle the technical aspects of this role, and another person to be the moderator. In these instances, the moderator would be more of an MC or announcer, as we have described earlier in this chapter.
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Using Convert.exe to Convert FAT Volumes to NTFS
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Figure 7-5. See your ISP documentation for additional details about using these advanced features.
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By the user from Add or Remove Programs or, optionally, by opening an associated document (for applications deployed to autoinstall). The software installs only if Auto-Install is selected.
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Image image = null;
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Why Wireless
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return true;
Network Resource
NTFS views each operation that modifies a file on a volume as a transaction and manages each one as an integral unit. NTFS might also break a single complex operation into multiple transactions. After a transaction is started, it is either completed or rolled back if an event occurs that causes the operation to fail, and the NTFS volume returns to its state before the transaction began. Events that can cause an operation to fail include bad sectors, transient low-memory conditions, and disconnected devices. To ensure that a transaction can either be completed or rolled back, NTFS performs the following steps for each transaction: 1. Records the metadata operations of a transaction in a log file cached in memory. 2. Records the actual metadata operations in memory. 3. Marks the transaction in the cached log file as committed. 4. Flushes the log file to disk. 5. Flushes the actual metadata operations to disk. The preceding steps 4 and 5 occur in a lazy fashion after the transaction is completed, meaning that the flush operations are not tied to the transaction itself. Instead, NTFS modifies the log and metadata quickly in memory, and then flushes later at a convenient time to boost performance. NTFS guarantees that the log records containing the metadata operations of the transaction are written to disk before the metadata that is modified in the transaction is written to disk. After NTFS updates the cache, NTFS commits the transaction by recording in the cached log file that the transaction is complete. After the cached log file is flushed to disk, all committed transactions are guaranteed to be completed, even if the system crashes before the changes are written to disk.
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