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We can also display a border around our image by drawing a rectangle around it like this: public void paint (Graphics g) {
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If at any time you use the Edit and Continue feature and you see that your data looks odd or seems corrupted, stop the debugging process and restart the debugging of your application.
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Drying zone Pyrolysis zone Hearth zone
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In simple terms, electronic traffic is managed by these seven network layers to assure reliable and orderly transmissions of information on a large scale. Two popular mnemonic devices for remembering the seven layers are please do not throw sausage pizza away and all people seem to need data processing. OSS Acronym for operations support system. Network management system supporting a specific management function, such as alarm surveillance and provisioning, in a carrier network. Many OSSs are large centralized systems running on mainframes or minicomputers. Common OSSs used within an RBOC include NMA, OPS/INE, and TIRKS.
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146 U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
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To nd out how quickly homes are selling and what the current inventory is your area, you should check with your local real estate board. You can contact any member agent who should be able to readily get the information for you. Or you can simply call them their number is in the phone book under Board of Realtors and they should either be able to give you the information, or refer you to an agent who can get it for you. Finally, keep a lookout for prices. In a seller s market, prices will rise. As soon as you see them going up, it may be a good idea to jump in. Never be afraid of the early days of a seller s market. Keep in mind that even though prices may be somewhat higher today than last year, they ll probably be even higher next year. If prices are going up, the home you buy today will be worth even more next year and, hopefully, more still the year after that. You want to catch and ride the wave.
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some e-mail programs will not let you send certain kinds of files. Windows Messenger places no file restrictions on you. Of course, you should be careful of the files you accept from others.
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The Web Site tab, shown in Figure 9-12 on the next page, allows for the configuration of several options. The Web Site Identification section lets you configure the Description (name), IP Address (individual or all unassigned), and the TCP Port to use for Web site communications. IIS will examine incoming Web requests and can use the site name to determine content delivery decisions. When you click the Advanced button, the Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration dialog box opens. The set of options made available with this tool allows you to define multiple IP addresses and ports for the Web site s use. This feature lingers from the HTTP 1.0 days, when the HTTP standard lacked Host Headers, and each virtual site on an IIS server had to be mapped to its own IP address. This feature is also useful if the Web server is connected to multiple networks because it will allow users on each of the attached networks to connect to the same Web site using the server IP address that is local to that network.
To prevent wax from depositing on the walls of the inner pipe, blades, or scrapers extending the length of the pipe and fastened to a central rotating shaft scrape off the wax. Slow chilling reduces the temperature of the waxy oil solution to 2 C (35 F), and then faster chilling reduces the temperature to the approximate pour point required in the dewaxed oil. The waxy mixture is pumped to a filter case into which the bottom half of the drum of a rotary vacuum filter dips. The drum (8 ft in diameter, 14 ft in length), covered with filter cloth, rotates continuously in the filter case. Vacuum within the drum sucks the solvent and the oil dissolved in the solvent through the filter cloth and into the drum. Wax crystals collect on the outside of the drum to form a wax cake, and as the drum rotates, the cake is brought above the surface of the liquid in the filter case and under sprays of ketone that wash oil out of the cake and into the drum. A knife-edge scrapes off the wax, and the cake falls into the conveyor and is moved from the filter by the rotating scroll. The recovered wax is actually a mixture of wax crystals with a little ketone and oil, and the filtrate consists of the dewaxed oil dissolved in a large amount of ketone. Ketone is removed from both by distillation, but before the wax is distilled, it is deoiled, mixed with more cold ketone, and pumped to a pair of rotary filters in series, where further washing with cold ketone produces a wax cake that contains very little oil. The deoiled wax is melted in heat exchangers and pumped to a distillation tower operated under vacuum, where a large part of the ketone is evaporated or flashed from the wax. The rest of the ketone is removed by heating the wax and passing it into a fractional distillation tower operated at atmospheric pressure and then into a stripper where steam removes the last traces of ketone. An almost identical system of distillation is used to separate the filtrate into dewaxed oil and ketone. The ketone from both the filtrate and wax slurry is reused. Clay treatment or hydrotreating finishes the dewaxed oil as previously described. The wax (slack wax) even though it contains essentially no oil as compared to 50 percent in the slack wax obtained by cold pressing, is the raw material for either sweating or wax recrystallization, which subdivides the wax into a number of wax fractions with different melting points.
1 On the Type Of Connection page, select the type of connection that you
Cold Docking and Undocking
TABLE 9.1 Typical Plants Used as a Source of Energy Nature of biomass Wood Estimated annual production (tons) 1.3 1010 Predominant mode of energy use Firewood (ca. 50% of harvest)
Server 2003, Premium Edition, install the ISA Server firewall client by running Setup.exe from the \\sbssrv\mspclnt share (where sbssrv is the computer name of the Windows Small Business Server computer).
Security Considerations for Wireless Devices
that will represent the network location. Drive letters that are already in use will not be displayed. Next, use the Folder box to enter the network path in the form \\servername\sharename, shown in Figure 11-19, or click Browse to navigate to the resource. Keep in mind that sharename refers to the shared folder s name, not necessarily the name of the network place. Click Finish when you re done.
Part I:
Overshoot Dieback
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