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The Display tab, shown in Figure 16-11 on the next page, allows you to modify the display options for the window containing the remote session. The supported resolutions range from 640 480 to Full Screen. You can also specify the color depth to use for the connection as well as decide whether or not to display the connection bar when in full screen mode. The connection bar is displayed at the top of your display. It displays the name or address of the computer hosting the remote session and lets you minimize the remote desktop, maximize it to full screen, place it in a window that you can size on your local computer, or close it entirely (which terminates the session).
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Winning the Merger Endgame
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messages conveyed from a management agent to management stations. Other commands are available that enable the network manager to take specific actions to control the network. Although these commands look like SNMP commands, they are really vendor-specific implementations. For example, some vendors use a stat command to determine the status of network connections. All the major network management platforms support SNMP. In addition, many of the third-party systems and network management applications that plug into these platforms also support SNMP. The advantage of using such products is that they take advantage of SNMP s capabilities while providing a GUI to make SNMP easier to use. Even MIBs can be selected for display and navigation through the GUI. Another advantage of commercial products is that they can use SNMP to provide additional functionality. For example, Hewlett-Packard s OpenView is used to manage network devices that are IP addressable and run SNMP. The automatic discovery capability finds and identifies all IP nodes on the network, including those of other vendors that support SNMP. On the basis of discovered information, the management system automatically draws a network topology map. Nodes that cannot be discovered automatically can be represented in either of two ways: first, by manually adding custom or standard icons to the appropriate map views, and second, by using SNMPbased APIs for building map applications without having to manually modify the configuration to accommodate non-SNMP devices.
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8. Which of the following statements is correct I. The t distribution has more area in its tails than the z distribution (normal). II. When constructing a confidence interval for a population mean, you would always use z rather than t if you have a sample size of at least 30 (n > 30). III. When constructing a two-sample t interval, the conservative method of choosing degrees of freedom (df = min {n1 1 n2 1}) will result in a wider confidence interval than other methods. Answer: I is correct. A t distribution, because it must estimate the population standard deviation, has more variability than the normal distribution. II is not correct. This one is a bit tricky. It is definitely not correct that you would always use z rather than t in this situation. A more interesting question is could you use z rather than t The answer to that question is a qualified yes. The difference between z and t is small for large sample sizes (e.g., for a 95% confidence interval based on a sample size of 50, z = 1.96 and t = 2.01) and, while a t interval would have a somewhat larger margin of error, the intervals constructed would capture roughly the same range of values. In fact, many traditional statistics books teach this as the proper method. Now, having said that, the best advice is to always use t when dealing with a one-sample situation (confidence interval or hypothesis test) and use z only when you know, or have a very good estimate of, the population standard deviation. III is correct. The conservative method (df = min{n1 1, n2 1}) will give a larger value of t , which, in turn, will create a larger margin of error, which will result in a wider confidence interval than other methods for a given confidence level.
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BK ROMK (sequestered) (closed)
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Combined Gas Law
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Figure 5-18 VoIPoMPLS reference model.
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on or off, right-click the setting or option and choose Change from the shortcut menu.
VeriSign Inc
Part II:
Three Approaches to Preparing for the AP Statistics Exam
The NTLM protocol authenticates users and computers based on a challenge/response mechanism. When the NTLM protocol is used, a resource server must contact a domain authentication service on the domain controller for the computer or user s account domain to verify its identity whenever a new access token is needed. Note
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G Host number. The remaining 48 bits are (in most cases) the MAC address
IPSec Tunnel Internet
MS initially detected operating in a mode where it is inaccessible for call delivery
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