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software in middleware applications. However, within a few years the data and services will probably be hosted in next-generation identity management systems. A full description of what s next in identity management is beyond the scope of this book. However, if you plan to roll out a multi-year initiative for social software, you need to be mindful of the latest advances in identity management as well.
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Creating and Linking a New Group Policy Object
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Part I:
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Section 8.7 is a reprint of Cisco s white paper Voice Trunking and TollBypass Trunking Using Cisco MPLS diffserv-Aware Traffic Engineering. 15
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document.all("xmlresult").value = objXML.xml; return; } } alert("Could not find node with upc " + upc);
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Components Used in Interactive Logon
Over-the-Air Service Provisioning
6: Using Internet Explorer Advanced Features
Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
memory. When the user is done, you can submit, save, or commit the changes to the database. In a few steps, you ll see the CarTrackerDataSet.xsd file, which is called an XML schema definition file. The .xsd file ensures that the data will be structured and respect the schema. You ll use this file later in the project when I discuss data binding. To create a dataset, you ll learn to use the Data Sources window. This window gives you access to all the data sources you have configured in your application. Figure 8-16 shows where the Data Sources window is located. If you don t see the Data Sources window, you can access it by clicking the Data menu and clicking Show Data Sources. If Show Data Sources does not appear on the Data menu, be sure you have closed all the CarTracker table data grids and Form1 is visible. Figure 8-16
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Next-Generation Mobility
is first distributed outside the context of a product release and that is typically included in the next full product release.
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