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Figure 6.2 Applications Rely on Abstracted Services
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For help with naming users, see 9, Users, Groups, and Security. For help with naming shared folders, see 10, Shares, Permissions, and Group Policy.
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Project Manager IT Manager Business Unit Manager Operations Management Systems Architect Systems Analyst Application Development Wireless Expert Quality Assurance Users System Support/Help Desk Procurement Training Technical Writing Legal
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You can add a Cmdlines.txt file to the Sysprep\i386\$oem$ folder to be processed by Setup. This file is used to run post-setup commands, including commands for application installation. For more information about Using Cmdlines.txt, see Adding Applications earlier in this chapter.
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Even One Can Make a Difference
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Web Sites container, choose New, Web Site (From File) from the shortcut menu.
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Figure 20-8.
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In addition, we store the (x, y) location for each figure in two new arrays, x[] and y[]; We will set aside enough storage for 100 figures. We also store the width and height of our figures in two additional arrays, width[] and height[]; we'll simply store a value of two times the radius value for the width and height of circles: public class circles extends Applet{
The time sensitivity of the captured data can also be used to define the type of middleware needed in an implementation. Some data is required in near realtime such as the package tracking information at FedEx. Their customers expect to be able to track the movement of a package from the moment it leaves the sender s location until it is delivered at the receiver s door. This level of information currency to run the business demands a message queuing wireless platform. Where the data currency moves from minutes to hours or days, then a synchronization platform will become a likely candidate for wireless middleware.
executed, the result is a short-term surge in profits followed by a longterm sag, often sinking below pre-merger levels. The more carefully the acquirer considers the potential synergies and leverage of the acquisitions, the more likely a successful financial outcome. Obviously, markets by which we mean both customers and financial investors respond to well thought-out acquisitions and reject ill-advised ones. Without a favorable reaction from these constituencies, the acquirer may struggle to generate the positive returns to match the buzz around the acquisition. In Stage 2, executives must ask themselves what, specifically, is the unique competitive advantage on which the consolidated company will build future growth and long-term profitability. Simply buying competitors is not enough. Remember: in mathematics, the sum of two negative numbers is an even larger negative number. The same holds true for combining companies. Alternatively, choosing companies with unique, proprietary, and complementary value propositions can create genuine synergies that result in dominant market positions earned, not bought. Industry titans such as GE, Cisco Systems, Newell Rubbermaid, and Medtronic, to name a few, lead in the game of strategic acquisitions. These companies have set the bar not only in terms of number of acquisitions, but more important, in terms of successfully integrating them (see sidebar: Integration Checklist ). In other words, companies must be able to not only integrate an acquisition target, but effectively run it as well. Integrating IT systems, for example, is a critical and complicated step (see sidebar: The IT Platform Is a Consolidation Linchpin ). The Newellization approach, in which the acquired company achieves the same level of efficiency as its parent in approximately two years, has been the most successful, despite some high-profile stumbles. Mapping out globalization. In the Opening Stage, industries may be concentrated on a local, regional, or maybe even national scale. But once the Endgames move to Scale Stage, the geography changes. Going global is a critical means of increasing mass. To be a true world leader, a company must participate in a meaningful way within the global triad the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. International expansion presents significant market opportunities to gain the resources
208 U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
matter of selecting and blending various petroleum fractions to meet definite specifications, and the production of a homogeneous, stable fuel oil requires experience backed by laboratory control.
5: Advanced Networking
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egorize fault-tolerant disk systems. RAID levels provide various mixes of performance, reliability, and cost. Some servers provide three of the RAID levels: Level 0 (striping), Level 1 (mirroring), and Level 5 (RAID-5).
Registry Subkeys That List the Programs That Run at User Logon
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