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Universal Data Format
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Instant messaging is a form of real-time text-based communication that two or more people use to exchange quick messages over the Internet. Unlike e-mail, you usually only type in one line of text, and quickly send to another person. You can also create private chat rooms, where multiple people can engage in the dialog. Essentially, instant messaging fills in a gap between e-mail and the telephone. You can have instant back-and-forth communication like the telephone, but it creates a running dialog that you can save or refer to later. Some instant message clients can sends files, photos, and links as well. Others, like Skype, allow you to do both instant messaging and the telephone with the same system. Also, since instant messaging doesn t require the full attention that a phone does, it is easier to perform multiple tasks while using instant messaging. You can engage people in a chat, then read an e-mail, then listen to a voicemail, then check the instant message conversation again. Since most people can read faster than they can type, you can usually stay caught up. However, splitting your attention across too many places isn t always an overall productivity boost, so it should be done in moderation. Instant messaging might be the Web 2.0 tool that has the most value to your business. According to a 2007 survey by Forrester, 37 percent of IT decision makers said that instant messaging delivered substantial business value, compared to just 16 percent on average for other Web 2.0 tools. This could be because it is a familiar blend of the phone, and e-mail. As a result,
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Advantages of Systems Management Server
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SID value, subscribers will think they are roaming in these other areas (because of the home SID stored in the MS), when they are not really roaming from a service and billing perspective. To treat these subscribers as if they are always on the home system, although they may be receiving service in a different geographic area, wireless service providers requested that the mobile station (MS) manufacturers implement the ability to add multiple SID values in the mobile stations. This prevents a roam indicator from appearing on the MS, and the subscriber, for all intents and purposes, is not considered roaming. These SID values are known as the positive SID list because they enable physical roaming in multiple geographic areas of the same service provider network. Subscribers are never aware of this physical roaming and they are treated as if they are still in the home geographic area for billing purposes. Conversely, many mobile stations support negative SID lists. These prevent the mobile station from receiving service from a competing network that offers service in the same geographic area as the subscriber s home network. Many service providers own licenses in different geographic areas, which provides service in a different frequency band than in the subscribers home networks. The positive SID list can be mapped to a frequency range within the mobile station, enabling the MS to change frequency bands in those areas. This prevents roaming onto a competitor s network in any geographic area desired. The negative SID list explicitly denies service in certain competitive areas where the competitor s network has a significantly stronger signal that the subscriber s home service provider. Many mobile stations have default functionality that will support service on any network (assuming there is a roaming agreement) if that network s signal strength is significantly stronger than the subscriber s network service provider in that area. Positive and negative SID lists are primarily used for analog mobile stations since digital MSs typically support more sophisticated mechanisms for roaming. Note that there is no standard for the size or number of entries in these lists and they vary among mobile station manufacturers, makes, and models.
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The following discussion describes the types of name-resolution methods that are available through NetBIOS over TCP/IP (including WINS) and contains procedures for configuring the different resolution methods.
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The APIs are fully documented and can be leveraged by independent software vendors (ISVs). Microsoft uses the change journal in Windows XP Professional components such as the Indexing Service and File Replication Service. ISVs can use this feature to enhance the scalability and robustness of a range of products including backup, antivirus, and auditing tools. For more information about the change journal, see the Microsoft Platform SDK link on the Web Resources page at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/reskits/webresources.
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An XML document is a new creature. It is like a Web page, it is like a text document, and it is like a database. In fact, it is a hybrid with the best features of all these things. Like a database, the data are organized and accessible unlike an HTML-based Web page, where data are not organized in a format that can be easily manipulated by computers. For example, assume a Web page includes the statement that My inventory includes 10 widgets at $7.00 each. If this statement is written in HTML, the information is all text with no computable meaning. However, if this is an XML document, then an XML application can determine the number of widgets, how much they cost, and how much total cash is tied up in widget inventory. HTML only presents the information. With XML, the information is presented as simple text, or it can be processed for other purposes. As a simple analogy, consider data as grapes and the XML document as the grapevine. Data mining is like picking the grapes. A data repository might be like a bushel basket or a grocery shelf. A document repository is like a vineyard. There are many ways to get at the grapes or the data, as well as many ways to process the product after retrieval.
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I mentioned this previously in the chapter, but it is important enough to mention again there can be only a single instance of WorkflowRuntime per AppDomain. And because the majority of .NET applications use only a single AppDomain, it necessarily follows that you can generally use only a single instance of WorkflowRuntime in your application. Whenever I hear use only a single instance, I naturally think of using a combination of the singleton and factory patterns. The singleton pattern, if you re unfamiliar with patterns, is simply a mechanism for assuring that no matter how many times your application requests instances of the singleton object, only one instance of the singleton is ever given out. This is typically done for objects that are considered expensive to create, such as objects that consume a large number of resources or take a significant amount of time to be created. The concept of a singleton, which is to say only a single object is ever created and handed to your application, dovetails nicely with the factory pattern. The factory pattern involves an intermediate object that s used to create instances of other objects. Most of us, for example, don t build our own cars. Instead, we purchase them from the automobile manufacturer, at least indirectly. (Many of us, I m sure, wish we could buy them directly!) The combination of the singleton and factory is powerful because the factory can make sure only a single instance of the singleton object is ever created. This is perfect for our needs, because within our application it s entirely possible that different pieces of the application might try to load and start the workflow runtime (independent application modules, for instance). Let s see how we might create a WorkflowRuntime factory. Creating the WorkflowRuntime factory object 1. We ll need to add a new class to our WorkflowHost poject. To do that, right-click on the project name (WorkflowHost) in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and select Class from the Add menu item. Tip
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Endogenous substances Acetylcholine Choline Creatinine Dopamine Epinephrine Guanidine Histamine Serotonin Norepinephrine Thiamine Drugs Atropine Isoproterenol Cimetidine Meperidine Morphine Procaine Quinine Tetraethyl ammonium
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Exporting these keys does not automatically remove them from the system; however, it is possible to remove the private key after it has been exported. Public keys are always available. They do not need to be removed. Circumstances might warrant removal of the private key, however. If an EFS user wants to safeguard against loss of a private key through, for example, a damaged or deleted user profile, it can be exported and protected with a strong password. Keys can be exported to a floppy disk, and the disk can be stored off-site or locked in a vault, depending on the level of security needed. If one or more DRAs have been designated by Group Policy, it is important that those keys be exported. In addition:
2: Internet Networking
Investors can profit at every stage along the Endgames curve. In this section, we look at some of the best practices of companies across the entire Endgames spectrum and explain how identifying those practices can lead to superior investments. We began by creating Endgames stage-specific indexes based on industry indexes from Dow Jones and plotting their development from the beginning of 1992 until the first quarter of 2002. The Stage 1 index is the combination of the utilities, financial services, and railroads indexes; Stage 2 is chemicals and retailers; Stage 3 is aerospace, auto-
A- or -law 64-Kbps PCM input
Introduction to Wireless Functionality
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16: Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance
public static void main(String args[])
5: Advanced Networking
2: Internet Networking
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