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a. 2C6H14 + 19O2 12CO2 + 14H2O Give yourself 2 points for the answer shown above, or for the coefficients: 1, 9/2, 6, and 7. Give yourself 1 point if you have one or more, not all, of the elements balanced.
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5: Advanced Networking
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1: Windows XP Networking
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National Semiconductor Corp
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New to the Workforce
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Principal Technical Engineer
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Windows Product Activation (WPA) deters software piracy by requiring your Windows XP Professional installation to be activated. Product Activation is based on requiring each unique installation to have a unique product key. WPA ties your Product Key and Product ID to your computer by creating an installation ID. The installation ID is made up of your Product Identification (PID) and a PC identifier, called a hardware ID, or HWID. The installation ID is sent to a Microsoft license clearinghouse, which verifies whether Microsoft manufactured that PID and that the PID has not been used to install the operating system on more hardware than is defined by the product s End-User License Agreement (EULA). For Windows XP Professional, the EULA states that you can install on one computer. If this check fails, activation of Windows XP Professional fails. If this
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Review Questions
16. Into the rightmost EventDriven activity, drag and drop a Delay activity. Name it updateDelay using the Properties pane.
Bertelsmann AG
Packet purists believe that diffserv is the best approach to QoS because there is very little if any state information kept along the route, while folks in the carriers camp believe that intserv is a better approach because resource reservations and allocations can be better managed in the network in terms of being able to engineer networks and maintain SLAs. Both approaches will probably provide reasonable results when the entire system is optimally designed. Purists note that in Frame Relay and ATM (and to a degree MPLS), path forwarding state and traffic management or QoS state is established for traffic streams on each hop along a network path. Traffic aggregates of varying granularity are associated with an LSP at an ingress node, and packets/cells within each LSP are marked with a forwarding label that is
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