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Figure 4-6. These settings determine how the modem handles the data stream passing through it.
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6: Questions for Headhunters, Recruiters, and Staffing Agencies 7: Questions for Human Resources 8: Questions for Hiring Managers
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Poor algorithms The TSG openly admitted the published weaknesses of the A5 and COMP128 algorithms, and of the secretive processes that created them. This meant that 3G networks needed better and more public security algorithms. Lack of mutual authentication The current GSM security scheme authenticated the handset to the network, but not the network to the handset. This led to the published attacks about creating false base stations that could retrieve subscriber s information unknowingly. Related to this was an admission that current GSM security was passive; except for some wireless transactions, users had no notification that security and encryption were actually in use. Inflexible system Existing GSM security did not easily enable incremental changes to security architectures. Unlike PCs that could
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IntelliMirror and Group Policy allow you to manage desktops with great efficiency. To take full advantage of these benefits, it is recommended that you define and set up default user configurations. A standard configuration must be carefully adapted to the target users applications, tasks, and locations. It can also increase productivity by preventing users from making system changes that could cause downtime. Because standard configurations are easier to troubleshoot or replace, they can also reduce support costs. IntelliMirror and Group Policy are designed for use in environments where administrators need to centralize tasks such as the following:
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Appendix C:
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Stream1 Visible to NTFS volumes only
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Managing Devices
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2.2.2 ADPCM Decoder
If you marveled at how you can use HTML to tell a browser how to display information on your web page, then you re going to be blown off your seat when you master XML. XML is a standard for creating your own markup language you might say your own HTML. You define your own tags used to describe a document. Why would want to create your own markup language Suppose you were in the insurance industry and wanted to exchange documents electronically with business partners. A markup language can be used to describe each part of the document so everyone can easily identify elements of the document electronically. Suppose you were in the publishing industry and wanted online retailers to display information about all your books in their electronic catalog. The table of contents, author name, chapters, and other components of a book can be electronically picked apart and sent to online retailers using customized XML tags. HTML is a standard set of tags that is universally used throughout the world. A similar set of tags can be established by an industry to describe industry-specific documents using XML. For example, the pharmaceutical industry can create a standard tag set to describe drugs such as dose, scientific name, and brand name. Once an XML tag set is defined, you can use those tags just like you use HTML tags to create a web document. And like HTML, XML tags can be interpreted into HTML tags so your document can be displayed in a browser. Furthermore, you can electronically: Parse XML documents Search XML document Create new XML documents
The files you need to get your hard disk back to booting condition aren t even on an MS-DOS floppy disk. When you install Windows Small Business Server 2003, the software modifies the system s boot sector to look for and run a file called Ntldr. When you format a floppy disk under MS-DOS, even when you make it a system disk, this file doesn t get created, because MS-DOS doesn t know anything about Windows Small Business Server 2003 and doesn t know anything about NTFS file systems, either. As such, a boot disk is occasionally useful, and because it s easy to make and floppy disks grow on trees (although these trees are rarely seen outside of the Microsoft campus), you might as well make one. Follow these steps to create a boot disk: 1. Insert a blank floppy disk into your floppy drive. 2. At a command prompt, type the command format a: /u and follow the instructions that appear. 3. Copy the Ntdetect.com and Ntldr files from the \i386 folder on the first Windows Small Business Server 2003 CD-ROM to the floppy disk. 4. Create a Boot.ini file, or copy the file from the boot drive to the floppy disk. Under the Hood ARC Naming Conventions Understanding how the hard disks and partitions are named on your system is not a trivial task, unfortunately. To provide a uniform naming convention across multiple platforms, Microsoft uses a fairly arcane designation for all the disks and partitions on your computer. Called ARC short for Advanced RISC Computing this is a generic naming convention that can be used in the same way for both Intel-based and RISC-based computers. The convention describes the adapter type and number, the disk number, the rdisk number, and finally the partition number. The format is as follows:
Terminal Services clients use TCP port 3389 to communicate with the remote computer.
To limit the system to a single font 1. Create a new folder on the desktop or hard disk. 2. In Control Panel, click Fonts. 3. Select all the fonts in the Fonts folder, move them to the new folder, and then restart the computer. The system font is not listed, so it remains even when you delete all other fonts. The font size you specify in Control Panel affects all video adapters on your system. To change font settings for individual window objects, double-click Display in Control Panel, and then click the Appearance tab. To add a new font, in Control Panel, double-click Fonts.
KeyName: Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache ValueName: Enabled ValueType: REG_SZ Value:
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