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Corporate LAN Corporate LAN
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HTML has internal pointers, indicated by a pound sign (#) in the anchor link and used to link to a specific location within an HTML Web page. Through clever coding, a Web page developer can guide a user from a location in one Web page to locations in other Web pages. However, just like HTML links, HTML pointers have some limitations. First, the specific target anchor point within the Web page must be explicitly coded in the correct location. This involves an extra step in the Web design process, and, if a Web page belongs to someone else or it is read only, then a new pointer cannot be inserted. Second, an HTML pointer refers to a location within a Web page, not to a section of the Web page. Thus, an entire Web page must be downloaded in order to access only a portion of it. If the Web page is huge, there is no way to reduce the resource requirements. XML eliminates these limitations through the XPointer Specification. The XPointer specification defines the syntax for stating the location information within an XML Document. XML Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) also uses XPointers to process transformations. XPointers are indicated by a pound sign (#) and are similar to HTML pointers that specify a location within an XML document. They can also be indicated with a bar ( | ) to specify a fragment within the document, discarding the remainder of the document. This feature is far more efficient than the HTML pointer. XPointer is used to link from the current location in the document to another location within the document or to a specific location within another document. It does not point to another location in general; it points to a specific location within a document. Unlike HTML pointers, XPointers can reference existing nodes and tags within an XML document. This means that an XPointer reference can point to information in any XML document without having to insert a target location. One feature of XPointers is the ability to define a number of ranges within the same XML document, so that a long file can be decomposed into manageable components. This feature is important in repurposing XML document information. For example, imagine that an XML document contains quarterly financial data. Developers can use XPointers to extract only the information needed for a balance sheet or to show cash flow. Developers for a financial analyst might use XPointers to combine selected information from the original XML document with similar information from other cor-
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Online (Errors) and Healthy (At Risk) error conditions
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Calling number identification restriction may be activated or deactivated for a single call. Call waiting may be deactivated for a single call.
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4: Network Resources
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To use SMS to install a service pack 1. Create the SMS package by importing the package definition file for your service pack. In the package, provide the path to the service pack source files. 2. Distribute the SMS package to the distribution points. 3. Create the advertisement to notify SMS clients about the service pack. To use SMS for an update installation, you must have an understanding of SMS as well as a working knowledge of software distribution. Also, your SMS infrastructure must be in place before you deploy the service pack. For more information about SMS, see your SMS product documentation.
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Part III:
The design of Mobitex networks is similar to traditional cellular voice networks. Each Mobitex hand-held device connects to a base station, which in turn connects to a local switch. The local switch connects to the Mobitex
Gas outlet Hopper Catalyst tubes Catalyst
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