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5.5.5 Underground Gasification The aim of underground (or in situ) gasification of coal is to convert the coal into combustible gases by combustion of a coal seam in the presence of air, oxygen, or oxygen and steam. Thus, seams that were considered to be inaccessible, unworkable, or uneconomical to mine could be put to use. In addition, strip mining and the accompanying environment impacts, the problems of spoil banks, acid mine drainage, and the problems associated with use of high-ash coal are minimized or even eliminated. The principles of underground gasification are very similar to those involved in the above-ground gasification of coal. The concept involves the drilling and subsequent linking of two boreholes so that gas will pass between the two (Fig. 5.15) (King and Magee, 1979). Combustion is then initiated at the bottom of one bore-hole (injection well) and is maintained by the continuous injection of air. In the initial reaction zone (combustion zone), carbon dioxide is generated by the reaction of oxygen (air) with the coal: [C]coal + O2 CO2
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Listing 19-1 provides you with a basic Web.config file, common to many WF-based applications hosted in ASP.NET environments. Note it contains information specific to hosting WF in your ASP.NET application you still need to add any ASP.NET configuration that s appropriate for your application (such as to the <system.web /> section). Note Listing 19-1 is valid for the release of WF current at the time of this writing. However, if new releases become public, the version numbers and potentially the public key token values in your configuration files will require updating. You might also need to update the connection string to match your SQL Server installation.
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3. The position where a particular substituent is attached to the chain is indicated by a location number. These numbers are assigned by consecutively numbering the carbons of the base hydrocarbon, starting at one end of the hydrocarbon chain. Choose the end that will result in the lowest sum of location numbers for the substituent groups. Place this location number in front of the substituent name and separate it from the name by a hyphen (for example, 2-methyl). 4. Place the substituent names with their location numbers in front of the base name of the alkane in alphabetical order. If there are identical substituents (two methyl groups, for example), give the location numbers of each, separated by commas using the common Greek prefixes (di-, tri-, tetra-, etc.) to indicate the number of identical substituent groups (i.e. 2,3-dimethyl). These Greek prefixes are not considered in the alphabetical arrangement.
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Windows power management is based on the concept of power schemes. A power scheme is a group of preset power options that are passed to the operating system to control a computer s power management behavior. Power schemes are presented to the user in Power Options in Control Panel. The power policy used when the computer is powered by AC (utility) power can be different than the policy that is used when the computer is powered by a battery. Verify that the power schemes that are available are appropriate for the target user environments. The most useful power schemes for portable computers are Portable/Laptop, Presentation, and Max Battery. Using the default power scheme settings might not always be the best configuration. You might need to explore the best configuration for the user s needs.
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Solar home systems are made up of a PV panel, rechargeable battery to store the energy captured during daylight hours, regulator, and necessary wiring and switches. Solar PV modules can be added to a pitched roof above the existing roof tiles, or tiles can be replaced by specially designed PV roof tiles or roof-tiling systems. Cost-effective PV systems are also great for beach or vacation homes, or remote cabins without access to an electricity grid. Solar energy power is highly reliable and needs little maintenance, making it a great choice for remote sunny locations. Polar research stations are a good example. Central power applications use solar energy in the same way a traditional utility company operates a major power station. There are hub locations from which power is sent out to meet demand. Power sent out in small amounts, usually near the point of electrical usage, is known as distributed power.
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5. The umbrella theory explaining the Earth s movement, contact, and flattening of large land plates is known as (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) the Coriolis effect plate tectonics hot spots the Richter Magnitude Scale the subduction zone
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4. In Permissions, select Allow or Deny for each permission. 5. To prevent subfolders and files from inheriting these permissions, select Apply These Permissions To Objects And/Or Containers Within This Container Only. 6. Click OK to close the dialog box. In the Permission Entry dialog box for folders, you can choose how and where the special permissions are applied. Table 10-4 and Table 10-5 demonstrate the application of the special permissions depending on whether Apply These Permissions To Objects And/Or Containers Within This Container Only is selected.
Phone to Phone through PBXs and key systems Core LSR Core LSR
*CR3 = Market share of the three largest companies of the total market based on VBG database (25,000 companies). Sources: Value-Building Growth database; A.T. Kearney analysis
You can use Chkdsk without parameters. When you do not specify a volume, Chkdsk runs on the current volume.
ure, it is easy to network in the IT industry . . . if you have been working in the field for ten years, and you are well known in the local IT community or even around the country. Unfortunately and realistically most entry-level candidates do not have those years or connections under their belts. So, how do you network when you don t know anyone In this chapter, we cover: Telling everyone you re looking for a job The networking interview IT professional groups and associations Online networking
You ll probably recall times when you Googled an expression and received links that are written in different languages. The same thing happens when aggregators list RSS documents. Some are written in English and others are written in other languages. You can specify the language used to write your document by specifying the language element in the RSS document. The language element must specify the
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sion of those signals on a single radio frequency. CDMA is based on a technique known as direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) that digitally codes a base signal and employs different signal encoding patterns and frequency hopping to redistribute that base signal across a broad range of frequencies. Logical channels for each signal are created through the use of unique code sequences. TDMA and CDMA can provide many advantages over analog-based systems. Examples are better voice quality, increased capacity, less noise and interference, and the ability to provide digital services such as data and messaging. The ANSI-41 networking protocol is designed to support versions of these newer-generation digital technologies as well as the original analog systems.
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