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Report Content Another difference between ANSI-41 and TSB51 authentication reporting lies in the content of reports. The AFREPORT message in TSB51 reports on both the success and failure of authentication processes; therefore, the TSB51 ReportType parameter supports both types of indications. The ANSI-41 ReportType parameter is reduced in scope, supporting only failure indications. ANSI-41 also adds new, individual report-type parameters for each of the authentication processes the AC can initiate: UniqueChallengeReport, SSDUpdateReport, and CountUpdateReport.
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Following a simple XML link. The link example is a success; now we're using simple links in XML. The code for this application, link.java, appears in Listing 6.1, and the documents this application uses, .+ and link2.xml, appear in Listings 6.2 and 6.3, respectively. Listing 6.1. link.java. import com.ms.xml.ParseException;
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The composition of a reforming catalyst is dictated by the composition of the feedstock and the desired reformate. The catalysts used are principally molybdena-alumina, chromiaalumina, or platinum on a silica-alumina or alumina base. The nonplatinum catalysts are widely used in regenerative process for feeds containing, for example, sulfur, which poisons platinum catalysts, although pretreatment processes (e.g., hydrodesulfurization) may permit platinum catalysts to be employed. The purpose of platinum on the catalyst is to promote dehydrogenation and hydrogenation reactions, that is, the production of aromatics, participation in hydrocracking, and rapid hydrogenation of carbon-forming precursors. For the catalyst to have an activity for isomerization of both paraffins and naphthenes the initial cracking step of hydrocracking and to participate in paraffin dehydrocyclization, it must have an acid activity. The balance between these two activities is most important in a reforming catalyst. In fact, in the production of aromatics from cyclic saturated materials (naphthenes), it is important that hydrocracking be minimized to avoid loss of the desired product and, thus, the catalytic activity must be moderated relative to the case of gasoline production from a paraffinic feed, where dehydrocyclization and hydrocracking play an important part.
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To respond to a Remote Assistance invitation sent from a novice 1. Using e-mail or instant messaging software that is installed on the expert computer, wait for the Remote Assistance invitation to arrive from the novice. 2. Open the invitation message, and double-click the attachment that is included to start the session. If prompted to do so, provide password information. The following prompt appears on the novice computer:
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Figure 11.8 Basic global challenge authentication process when SSD is not shared: (1) The serving system generates a random number that it sends to the MS in the control channel s overhead message train (OMT). (2) The MS calculates an authentication result and transmits that result back to the serving system when it accesses the system for registration, call origination, or page response purposes. (3) If SSD is not shared, the serving system forwards the authentication result and the random number to the AC. (4) The AC independently calculates an authentication result and compares it to the result received from the MS. If the results match, the MS has successfully responded to the challenge. If they do not match, the MS may be considered fraudulent and service may be denied. If SSD is shared, the serving system performs the calculations.
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Great-West Lifeco (Power Finl)
drawHeight = 242;
When System Restore consumes at least 90 percent of allotted space System Restore purges restore points to reduce the amount of allotted space used from 90 percent to 75 percent. System Restore is limited to 12 percent of available disk space, which is not pre-allocated. Windows XP Professional and applications can use the free portion of this space. When you reduce the amount of disk space allotted to System Restore By using Control Panel or Disk Cleanup to reduce the amount of System Restore space, you can cause System Restore to purge all but the most recent restore points. For more information about Disk Cleanup, see Disk Cleanup in this appendix. When you disable System Restore Disabling System Restore deletes all restore points.
Transport Proximal tubule Thick ascending limb Distal convoluted tubule Principal cells, connecting tubule, and cortical collecting duct H-K-ATPase-containing intercalated cells, cortical collecting duct H-K-ATPase-containing cells, medullary collecting duct Normal- or highpotassium diet Reabsorption (60 80%) Reabsorption (5 25%) Secretion Substantial secretion (>15%) Reabsorption (10%) Low-potassium diet or potassium depletion Reabsorption (55%) Reabsorption (30%) Reabsorption Little secretion
Figure 18.6 Network architecture showing global title routing of ANSI-41 messages from the serving MSC to the subscriber s HLR.
Clay Silt Sand Pebble Cobble or gravel Boulder
Internet Explorer uses a default home page when you first open the browser. This home page might be www.msn.com, or it might be the home page of your computer manufacturer, such as Dell, Compaq, or Gateway. No matter, you can change the home page to whatever you want, or you can remove it. In Internet Options, select the General tab, enter a new URL under Home Page in the Address box, and click the Apply button. If you re currently viewing the page you want to use as your home page, you can click Use Current instead. If you want Internet Explorer to open to a blank page (which is the fastest way to open the browser), click the Use Blank button. Should you want to return to the original home page configured by Windows XP or the manufacturer of your computer, click Use Default.
21 Disaster Planning and Fault Tolerance
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